‘People make Places. Places make People’.... In 2011 villagers began an online Open Archive on an informal basis. We have been recording events, logging images, sharing ideas and making comments for several years. The archive was closed for submitting new entries in February 2019. You are welcome to browse its entries and view its pictures.

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Submitted by: Jane       On: 6/3/2011 at: 19:36       Location: Drimpton

David Gordon Trio

Friday night saw the David Gordon Trio at the Village Hall, this was brought to the village by the Artsreach promoters Mr & Mrs Watts, Mr & Mrs Marsden and Mrs Pilz.

The trio consisted of David Gordon on keyboard, Jonty Fisher on bass and Paul Cavaciuti on drums performing their versions of music from Latin America. It was not our most well attended promotion but it was thoroughly enjoyed by those who did come and, of course, the tea and cakes were as popular as ever in the interval. The present promoters have decided that after doing the job since November 1998 it really is time for someone else to take over.

During our time as promoters we have brought to the village a total of 32 shows which included music, drama and comedy; and have raised £6,332 for the hall - which works out an average of £197 per performance.

Submitted by: Jane       On: 6/3/2011 at: 19:34       Location: Drimpton

Holly Lane

A notice has gone up at the end of Holly Lane asking for anyone who knows who the owner of the lane is to contact County Hall, I wonder why?

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 4/3/2011 at: 10:32       Location: Drimpton

Monthly rainfall

The rainfall recorded at Drimpton Cross during the month of February 2011
was 69 mm.or 2.74 inches. in 2010 it was 88.5 mm or 3.5 inches.

Submitted by: andrew       On: 4/3/2011 at: 07:05       Location: Drimpton

from Village Newsletter for March & April

YOUTH CLUB NEWS – message from Mike: Our Ten Pin Bowling outing to Yeovil was great fun and enjoyed by all. Thank you to the Round Table for organising the bus and to Charles who kindly drove for us. We will plan another outing in the summer holidays, so watch this space.

PLEASE NOTE: MARCH Youth Club Meeting will take place on SAT MORNING 12th MAR 10.30-12.30am to help all members who are participating in the Panto! In addition to normal games you will be able to try your hand at CLAY MODELING! Parents are welcome to stay for coffee and chat over any ideas they may have to improve our YC activity.

The ANNUAL MEETING will take place on MON 21st MAR 7.30pm at Comrades Hall. Come along and have your say.

WEDS 9th MAR & 23rd & APR 6th & 20th: LENT LUNCHES at 12.30pm
There will be a stall or raffle for charity at each lunch. All villagers are invited to these meals of homemade soups served at the Village Hall in a friendly atmosphere. £3.50 per person.

SUN 3rd APR at 9.30am : SERVICE for MOTHERING SUNDAY at St Mary’s Church led by Rev Sue Symons

TUES 5th APR at 7.00 for 7.30pm: ANNUAL PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEETING at St Mary’s. Open to all. Review the past year - plan the future. Refreshments beforehand.

JUMBLE SALE - On SAT 9th APRIL at the Village Hall at 2.00pm
Refreshments available - The Hall will be open from 10.00a.m. till 12.00p.m to receive donations of jumble, bric-a-brac and cakes. Please call Beryl if you need your donation to be collected. Proceeds for Netherhay Chapel funds.

Chris, Sandy and their girls would like to thank the village for the support they have received since arriving in Drimpton.
...1st SUNDAY every month – PUB QUIZZES from c8.00pm
...SATURDAY MAR 5th – Irish Music with ‘Duff Paddy’ from 9.00pm
...FOOD served lunchtime and evenings TUESDAYS to SATURDAYS.
BROADWINDSOR RESPONDERS – message from Val Johnson, Chairman
The group was formed eight years ago with 33 active Responders, and in that time has responded to 262 emergency calls in the area. Over the past year despite the steady erosion of members (numbers are down to 4 with 2 buddies) we responded to 18 calls in Drimpton, Broadwindsor, Stoke Abbott, Beaminster, Mosterton, Shave Cross, Bowood and Hursey.

We really are desperate for volunteers, especially younger people. Surely giving up a couple of hours a week is not too much to ask and full training would be given. It is possible to join simply as a Driver/Buddy to the Responder on duty. I would like to pay tribute to the handful of active Responders that remain – they demonstrate a true community spirit.

Submitted by: Norman       On: 2/3/2011 at: 14:32       Location: Drimpton

A Baptism

On 27th February 2011 St Mary’s Church saw its first Baptism of the year.
Henry John Guppy was baptised by Revd Sue Symons with over 40 family and friends in attendance.
Henry John fell asleep during the service (having just had some milk) but awoke when he was anointed with oil and taken to the font, observing the goings-on and water splashing with interest until yawning and returning to mum and dad.

Submitted by: Norman       On: 2/3/2011 at: 14:21       Location: General

Which way to the Internet?

So, I am writing what will, in the future, be an ‘archive’ on what today we call the Internet.
When I came to Drimpton in 1996 the Internet was already over 20 years old but was used by relatively few people in the know. The Internet is a network of connected computers worldwide which can transfer data (computer files) between them but is not very user friendly for the average user. In 1989 (Sir) Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (www) which overcame the problem by using a standardised language (HTML) and search facility which enabled ‘web pages’ to be viewed using an application called a ‘web browser’. In the first few years there were just a few thousand web pages available compared with millions today.
In 1996 access to the Web via the Internet was by slow dial-up to a service provider typically costing £10 per month. Connection was using the normal telephone and, of course, it was not possible to use the telephone at the same time.
By 2004 the local telephone exchange had been broadband enabled and users were able to have an ‘always on’ high-speed connection to the Web as well as the telephone.
So after just a few years we have become used to expecting access to any one of millions of web sites in seconds. What will be available in 10, 20 or 50 years time?

Submitted by: Rosie       On: 1/3/2011 at: 20:17       Location: Drimpton

Taking the bus

I rode the bus to Crewkerne yesterday - only three of us aboard plus the driver. What a pity if we lose this service! If we don't use it we will lose it and not everyone has the convenience of a car. I also met a neighbour with her baby Jack and we chatted all the way to Crewkerne.

Submitted by: Jane       On: 28/2/2011 at: 22:16       Location: General

Which way is best?

Whilst shopping at Sainsbury’s the other day got me thinking about how shopping had changed in the last half century. As a child I went to the corner store with my list and money in a purse which I gave to the shopkeeper, she would then gather it all together, pack it in my bag and give me the list with all the prices on and my change in the purse to go home. Now you collect a trolley, walk around a large store picking up your purchases from a huge array of products from around the world, and then to the checkout, the latest style is do it yourself - you now scan your own items, pack them yourself, and put your money in a slot, and wait for your mile long till roll and change. Not really sure which way of shopping is the best, cheap food and no human contact or more expensive and some one to talk to.

Submitted by: andrew       On: 24/2/2011 at: 17:45       Location: Drimpton


For one day last week and for much of today Spring arrived, or at least hundreds of ladybirds thought that was the case. Last week they emerged in ones, twos, and clusters all over the top of my box hedge where they basked in the bright sunshine. Today there were quite a lot but fewer than last week. Have many of them died off during the last few wet days? What can they be feeding off? - if they are feeding at all. Will they survive until the aphids make their appearance?

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 23/2/2011 at: 20:33       Location: Drimpton

Potato Day Video

A short video of the Potato Day, to give a feel of just how busy and popular was the occasion.

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