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Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/11/2011 at: 10:47       Location: Drimpton

Rainfall in October 2011

57.25mm (2010 94mm) OR 2.27 inches (2010 3.73 inches)

We have enjoyed a quite dry month of October with only just over half the rain of a year ago, and with one October day registering the Hottest day ever recorded in October, it has been pleasantly warm. I think our mild maritime climate has a lot going for it.

Submitted by: Norman       On: 31/10/2011 at: 16:49       Location: Drimpton

Apple Pressing Day 15th October

Community Apple Pressing Event

Jill Strawbridge came up with the idea after seeing a similar event in action. This year has been a great year for apples and the trees have been groaning under the weight of a very heavy crop. Some villagers have been passing buckets of windfalls to people with pigs as one way to use them. But juice making offered the community a way to deal with a lot of the surplus. Jill says: “This event was held on Saturday 15th October. It saw apples arriving at the Village Hall from over 30 different households with many village residents pitching in to help with the pressing process. Over 135 bottles of juice were processed with the last bottle being sold only 5 days after the event. A profit of around £130 will go towards the Hall funds. I would personally like to thank all those who moved with amazing speed and dexterity to get the whole event organised in less than a week.”

I have sampled the juice and I can recommend it heartily. 2001 is a vintage year!

Andrew Pastor

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Submitted by: School       On: 10/10/2011 at: 15:25       Location: Broadwindsor

School News - Oct/Nov

We had a wonderful Harvest Festival service in the church at the end of September. Donations of produce were carried up to the church by all the children, and the following Monday our Jane Austen class delivered the food to 24 of the residents of Fullers. The church was full of parents, family and friends of the school. It was a lovely sight.

On the 6th October, the whole school enjoyed a trip to the science museum in Bristol - @Bristol. As a small school we benefit from being able to have whole-school trips and this one enabled us to enhance our science teaching outside the classroom. All the pupils had fun with the hands-on displays and we even fitted in a Planetarium show.

The very next day saw our Key Stage 2 pupils visited by the Young Shakespeare Company, this year performing Macbeth. This used to be a biannual visit but because of the success of the interactive performance, we have changed this to an annual visit. Our Key Stage 1 children will watch a performance of Treasure Island by the travelling theatre company – M&M Productions, later this month.

Our football team had a very successful friendly match with the Sticklands school team winning 13 goals to 1. We will hope for a similar performance when the inter-school matches take place.

Our Parent Association, FABS have organised a Dinner/Dance with auction of promises for the 15th October. This is in aid of specific fundraising for some new play equipment to go on the playing field. More on the success of this in our next newsletter.

We break up for half term on the 21st October, returning on Monday 31st October.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: School       On: 10/10/2011 at: 15:24       Location: Broadwindsor

School News - Sept/Oct

After a summer break with the usual mixed weather, we have returned to school refreshed and ready for a busy year.

During the holidays builders rearranged the Jane Austen class cloakroom to create a new cloakroom design for Jane Austen class and a totally new cloakroom for Mary Anning class. These new and updated facilities look great and will be of benefit to the children.

Total pupil numbers for this year are 83 including 6 children starting in Reception in September plus another one in January.

The Governors and parent association (FABS) have once again been able to support our Year 2 children with swimming lessons and we will be making use of the Extended Schools bright yellow minibus for the weekly journey.

Before we know it, it will be Christmas time with a trip to a show at the Lyric Theatre in Bridport to look forward to. But I know in the meantime, we will be fitting in many more exciting experiences for the children.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: andrew       On: 9/10/2011 at: 11:51       Location: Drimpton

extracts from October village newsletter

The Family Coffee Morning on 17th Sept was enjoyed by all ages. Watch out for the next one.

The improvements fund has now risen to £6,508. Well done to Tracey, Melanie, Tess, Carol and helpers and thanks to the Fun Day Committee. Only £8,492 to go. The Village Hall Committee is considering improved access ahead of the main improvements and will keep everyone in the village informed.

Can you help? The Village Hall will be repainted on SAT & SUN 1st & 2nd OCTOBER. All helpers would be very welcome. If you can give an hour or more, please come along.

Everyone is invited to share in this seasonal service of thanks.
Two hot courses followed by entertainment. Please book your tickets, price £6, from Christabel Pilz or Beryl Banks.

WED 12th OCT: LIGHT LUNCH at the Village Hall from 12.30 to 2.00pm. A choice of fine home made soups with bread and cheese table, all for £3.50.

FRIDAY, 14th OCTOBER – 7.00pm
Drimpton Village Hall
Entry £2.50 (extra puds 50p) - Teams of 4
For more details or to book a table contact Rosemary Shepherd.

Flt Lt JON EGGING, Red Arrow – message from Mike Saunders

“Thank you for your overwhelming support to create a memorial to remember our day of happiness and sadness. The majority of villagers would like a bench, with a suitably worded plaque, to be placed in the Recreation Field. The Fun Day Committee will manage the fund raising and construction of the memorial.

Donations towards this memorial can be given to the Drimpton Fun Day Fund, c/o Mike Saunders, Manor Farmhouse, Drimpton, Beaminster, DT8 3RD. Thank you.”

Chris and Sandy at the pub have kindly volunteered to host a fund-raising event.


SATURDAY 15th October
8 till Late
with Live Music from Joe Santiago
BBQ and Raffle

Transport departs from the Village Hall at 6.30pm and returns 8.45pm. FREE!!

The Youth Club welcomes new members aged between 7 and 15 (the majority of our members are under 11. Contact Mike Saunders.

SAT 1st OCT: WORLD CUP RUGBY – ENGLAND v SCOTLAND with Full English Breakfast and Tea or Coffee for £6 – doors open from 8.30am
SUN 2nd OCT: QUIZ NIGHT from 8.pm. Bring a team, or join one on the night.
TUES 18th OCT: FOLK NIGHT from 8.pm. For Musicians, Singers and audience, too.

“Our October meeting on WED 19th OCT at 6.45 for 7.00pm represents the ending of one and the beginning of a new gardening year. This year it will be a rather full meeting with the AGM followed by a talk given by Chris Smith of 'Pennards Plants' entitled, "Planning, seeds and plants". To round off we hope you will stay for a 'Social get-together' of 'Picky bits' wine or soft drinks. The AGM is a very short affair with the re-election of the committee, but this year there are one or two vacancies to fill so volunteers are needed!"

If anyone would like to make a plate of savoury 'Small bites' please contact Rosemary Shepherd.

FUN DAY FUNDS – message from John Lock, Treasurer, Fun Day Committee

“Our Fun Day raised over £1500. Well done to everyone. The Fun Day Committee has allocated £1000 to the Drimpton Village Hall and Recreational Trust to be spent exclusively on the planned improvements to the hall amenities and in particular the disabled toilet and disabled access.

The Fun Day Committee will consider requests for remaining funds to be allocated to local good causes at the beginning of November. Requests should be presented by 31st October. Any remaining funds will then be added to the Village Hall donation.”
Requests should be sent to John Lock.

Anyone who saw the masses of purple poppies that appeared in Miss Ward’s old garden near the stream over the summer was amazed. It was a joy. You can see an image on Open Archive. Look on page 3, at an entry made on 8/7/11 for a magical view.

Now if you would like to create your own ‘paradise garden’ of poppies next year, contact Andrew who has collected enough seeds to fill the village! Just scatter them and see what comes up.

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 7/10/2011 at: 17:03       Location: Drimpton

Monthly Rainfall

Rainfall registered at Drimpton Cross during the month of September 2011
54.mm or 2.15 inches

Submitted by: andrew       On: 4/10/2011 at: 15:54       Location: Drimpton

New Homes in Drimpton?

[extract from report on Broadwindsor Group Parish Council in October issue of 'Broadwindsor News']
'WDDC will be asked to state the current state of negotiations concerning the proposed development of Affordable houses in Drimpton. Residents feel that they are being kept in the dark and unsubstantiated rumours are circulating which fuel the belief that WDDC is not properly organised. District Cllr Sewell replied that there is no information on the table as only confidential discussions have taken place. She confirmed that when there is information to share, she will make sure Drimpton people know about it, but Mr Mike Saunders, the Drimpton Cllr, believes that she doesn't realise the strength of feeling. Drimpton should have been consulted from the beginning. District Cllr Sewell said that WDDC is drawing up new policies for a Four Year Plan and that opportunities for consultation will be advertised in the local press...'
[Janet Tubridy, Parish Clerk]

Submitted by: andrew       On: 2/10/2011 at: 18:02       Location: Drimpton

'Indian Summer'

If anyone should want to know what is meant by ‘Indian Summer’, these last few days have given (and are continuing to give) a perfect example. It is so very rare for the windows of the village to be flung open at this time of any year in the quest for cooling breezes. The skies have been flawlessly blue; the light a warm gold; the temperatures in the mid- to high 20s; the gardens have been offering a last hoorah. Everything has been glowing. In short, every day is a treasure. I know that sometime soon the weather is going to turn and we will have to batten down the hatches. So I feel the need to use every sun-filled moment, trying to store the light and warmth away for future use on damper, duller, chillier days. Sitting in the shade of the apple tree – a tree that is dropping its autumn-rich fruit every now and then – is almost unreal in October. What will tomorrow bring?

Submitted by: Norman       On: 30/9/2011 at: 19:30       Location: Drimpton

St Mary's Church Harvest Lunch

Monday 26th September saw St Marys Church Harvest Lunch held at the village hall, over 50 people ranging in age from under 1 to over 100, tucked into casserole followed by an assortment of apple puddings, these included crumble, eve's pudding, toffee apple pudding, apple snow, apple pies and German apple cake; many people indulged themselves by having seconds of pudding and 5 of the men even managed thirds!
With the raffle and sale of produce we should make around £400 for the church, and actually pay all our bills this year.

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 6/9/2011 at: 22:20       Location: Drimpton

Distant Lands

Kate and I are visiting friends and family in Canada, and being reminded that, not so very long ago, distances this great made keeping in touch extremely difficult (just look at some of the stories in Anne Mosscrop's book).
So, here we are, a small part of village life, dislocated for a time. Tomorrow sees the start of a dream realised as we embark on "The Canadian" a train which crosses this huge continent.
Hopefully the veggie patch and flower garden are each still thriving and that nothing coming to ripeness is gong to waste.

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