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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 11/6/2011 at: 10:32       Location: Drimpton

The Big Lunch

Over 1 million people the length and breadth of the UK got together for food, fun, games and conversation with neighbours at thousands of Big Lunches, on Sunday 5th June, we were one of them. Despite the weather we had rounders in the field, then hunger drove everyone into the village hall for picnics, with lots of sharing going on, before the more energetic headed back outside for more games.

Next year will be the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration and The Big Lunch team, nationally, have already agreed with Buckingham Palace to make The Big Lunch one of the events. Drimpton will be part of it too - The Big Jubilee Lunch, Sunday 3rd June 2012.

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 9/6/2011 at: 12:22       Location: Drimpton

Proposed footpath diversion - Holly Lane

Opposition stirred after bid to move path is announced
Thursday, June 09, 2011 Western Gazette
VILLAGERS in Drimpton are protesting about the proposed diversion of a footpath which leads to idyllic views of the Dorset countryside.

Residents say the closure of the current route would mean villagers being cut off from the beautiful scenery.

A diversion has been proposed which would take walkers a different way, but it has been criticised as being treacherous.

Landowner Michael Coombes, who applied for the change, insists it is necessary so he can keep his horses and other livestock safe and secure.

He has also offered to pay out of his own pocket to make the alternative route safe for users by surfacing it.

Villagers are not satisfied with this, however. One resident of Holly Lane, who did not wish to be named, said: "Everybody is upset. The footpath is part of the Monarch Way which is a historical, beautiful route and plenty of walkers and dog walkers use it.

"The reason given for closing the route was that horses are kept there and people leave the gate open causing concern they might escape. But the gate is padlocked and people go over the stile anyway."

"Nobody who has mobility problems could walk the alternative route because it is so treacherous and wet.

"This is one person wanting to take away the enjoyment of a lot of people. The property was bought with the knowledge that it contained the route for walkers and I feel it is a detriment to the villagers and holidaymakers who use it."

Mr Coombes said: "We're not trying to close the path, just re-route it. I bought the property six years ago and several incidents have happened since.

"When I first moved I was approached by a neighbour who wasn't happy that some people bring their dogs along that route.

"I don't want to stop the dogs, but some go in there without having leads on.

"It's not just the safety of the horses, but the security of them.

"I'm prepared to put down duck boards and make the end of the lane more accessible, all at my expense.

"I shall do my part of the upkeep, but can't be responsible for cutting other people's hedges."

The footpath is believed to have been used for centuries by the community and links the village of Drimpton to the 615-mile Monarch Way.

Villager Andrew Pastor says the views from the footpath are what makes the village so special.

He said: "The landscape is our heritage and being able to get into it is part of the enjoyment of living in the countryside. It doesn't seem right that should be ended."

Mike Saunders, parish councillor in Drimpton, said: "The important thing is for the new footpath not to cause a problem.

"The proposed new route is an old footpath which nobody owns. It is dangerous and oozes sludge.

"I understand the reason for the diversion request but safety on the alternative footpath must be paramount.

"There would need to be some watertight agreement that Mr Coombes would keep the alternative route maintained."

Drimpton resident Michael Bennett-Smith said: "People like myself who have dogs like to walk them and the current route is convenient to use.

"The alternative route is knee deep in mud and is often full of gnats. I avoid it like the plague.

Dorset County Council says it is in consultation with residents and the parish council about the issue.

Residents have until tomorrow to register comments.

The parish council will discuss the issue on Monday at 7.30pm at Comrades Hall, Broadwindsor.

[This is the report in full. The parish council will meet and discuss the matter on 13th June.]

Submitted by: andrew       On: 7/6/2011 at: 11:48       Location: Greenham

Geoff Toogood

Geoff Toogood who recently died lived quietly with his wife, Anne, in Greenham Yard by Temple Brook.

"All of us living in Greenham really appreciated having such kind and helpful neighbours. Geoff was always immediately responsive whenever any of us needed any form of practical assistance, whether it was a plumbing crisis or the installation of a new central heating system. He would cheerfully shin up ladders and sort out our TV aerials, and relished solving any problems that came along. He and Anne (always smiling and kind) have quietly been the back bone of our community here for more than two decades and they have contributed a great deal to the pleasure we have in living here." [Amanda & Chris Fogg]

When they had both retired Geoff spent a great deal of his time first equipping and then working in his workshop, while Anne practised her crafts, painting and stitching. Geoff loved working in wood for himself, his family and for others. Little by little he transformed his garage into a well-stocked craftsman’s workshop. Over the years Geoff and Anne gradually became involved in community activities and events, but almost always out of the spotlight. Geoff offered his engineering skills and Anne, her creative talents, in support of various ventures. It may come as a surprise to many to read of the legacy to our community that Geoff has left behind him.

Whenever he was asked, he would apply his methodical approach to the tasks in hand. In this way he came to do so much for the benefit of us all. He renovated and rebuilt the gates outside St Mary’s Church, and also worked long hours installing the plumbing when the congregation of Netherhay Methodist Chapel transformed the old Sunday School Room into the Community Room a few years ago. In his workshop he designed and built the glazed notice board that hangs on the Village Hall wall, and the framing that holds the large community-made Textile Mural ‘The Little Axe’ inside the Village Hall. He also repaired and rebuilt the exhibition boards originally made by Len Baker that come out each year on Flower Show day. All these jobs Geoff did with great care, for, with an engineer’s eye, he loved to see a task precisely done. But he also turned his hand to the art of designing and making scenery for pantomimes over the years; scenery that had to fit the quirky limitations of our Village Hall stage. He would work with wood off-cuts and sheets of cardboard with the same skill as if he was working in choice timber. He was often quietly amused by the requests made. The challenge was to make the difficult happen. He was called upon to make the following a reality – a two-sided rotating fireplace for a spooky castle, a magic cupboard to both find and lose people, and scenery that could be assembled and dismantled in a trice.

Geoff was a maker, and he gave of himself to make things happen. Every community needs people like him. We were lucky.

Submitted by: andrew       On: 6/6/2011 at: 19:36       Location: Drimpton

Extracts from village newsletter for June 2011

SUN 5th JUNE MAY: - PUB QUIZ from c8.00pm.
The Summer Knock-out Team Skittles Competition starts in early June. £100 to the winners.

The members of the new Village Hall Committee have elected Mike Saunders as Chairman.
The Committee agreed that the Village Hall was in need of refurbishment, particularly the toilets and the FC changing rooms and showers. Fund raising activity would be encouraged throughout the village over the coming year to raise funds for this work.

The Committee also expressed the desire to encourage more use of the Hall by villagers by making it more available. To this end a questionnaire to ask the villagers what they want from the Village Hall will be distributed next month.

You may have seen the notices near the Church or, you may have read the news on www.openarchive.org.uk. What about?

The proposed closure of the footpath across fields from Box Terrace towards Seaborough.

The current owner of the land wants to close this section of footpath entirely and we have until the 27th of JUNE to register our reactions. If closed, it will not re-open.
You might like to think about the following:
-The current owner is offering what he says is a ‘diversion’ via Holly Lane, but the proposed ‘new‘ route already exists and is nothing new.
-The closure of the existing section of footpath would mean cutting villagers off from beautiful views enjoyed for centuries by members of our families and by our community. Our landscape is our heritage.
-The closure would interrupt a section of the historic ‘Monarch Way’, a 615 mile footpath that links Drimpton to the much wider world.
-The closure would cut out a favourite local ‘loop’ walk.
-Much of the proposed ‘new’ route is frequently treacherous under foot.
-The closure would benefit one landowner and his horses.

Now is the time to have your say.
You can write to ROGER BELL, Rights of Way Officer, Countryside Access, County Hall, Colliton Park, Dorchester, DT1 1XJ
You can attend the next Parish Council Meeting at Comrades Hall, Broadwindsor on MONDAY 13th JUNE at 7.30pm and express your views during the democratic period.
You can do both. You can even call Mr Bell on 01305 221670.
Another matter will be discussed. There is a plan to erect a 30m high wind generator on the hill between Seaborough and Mosterton. What do you think? If you care, don’t fail to say so.

WED 8th JUNE: LIGHT LUNCH at the Village Hall from 12.30pm
A range of home made soups served up in a warm atmosphere. Tickets £3.50

YOUTH CLUB at the Village Hall 6.30pm –8.30pm
Coming Up on FRI 8th JULY - Skate Boarding
Hosted by Hazel Hill & Friends
At the Village Hall
From 3 till 5.00pm
Cakes galore with strawberries and cream, too!
Adults - £4. Children under 12 - £2.
Proceeds in aid of St Mary’s Church Funds

Horticultural Society (a.k.a. the Gardening Club).
WED 15th JUNE – ‘Cultivating Herbs’, talk and practical at the Village Hall with Becky Groves from Groves’ Nursery
Visit to Highgrove
There are a few spaces available on Monday 11th July, cost £25.00 - which includes the coach.

Reminder to Everyone in the Village
SAT 13th AUG: – 66th Annual Flower Show, Schedules are now available. You can be planning your plants, pastries, pickles, paintings and photographs.

ARTSREACH: No-one has stepped forward to take over the promoter’s role. As a result it seems that Drimpton is no longer to receive visits from professional musicians & performers.


The FIRST PRIZE will be a DAY for 2 with The RED ARROWS
at their base at RAF Scampton AND £100 travel expenses. WOW ! ! ! !

This is a fabulous opportunity to meet what is considered to be one of the world’s best aerobatic display teams. During your visit:
ØYou and your guest will meet the amazing pilots and the skilled engineers who support them as they train for their famous summer display season.
ØYou will listen to the display brief and then watch the display from the control tower.
ØYou will have your photograph taken with the pilots in front of one of the aircraft in its famous livery.
ØYou will be involved in the post-flight debriefing and have a light lunch with the pilots.


Proceeds from FUN DAY support village organisations & activities.

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/6/2011 at: 17:38       Location: Drimpton

Monthly Rainfall

4.5 mm. (2010 31.25mm) OR 1.76 inches (2010 1.24 inches)
For the first time for some months this last month’s rainfall has been a little larger that the preceding year, but we should be grateful that we are not in the South East of the Country where water levels are very low and there is real concern for anything growing in the fields, and of course animal fodder. Only today I have heard on the radio that some parts of the Country have had their lowest Spring rainfall for one hundred years !

Submitted by: andrew       On: 13/5/2011 at: 20:50       Location: Drimpton

Extracts from village newsletter for May 2011


Farewells to Dennis Hill, John and Viv Watts, Sam Trott and Norman Marsden who have retired from the Committee after many years of devoted service. A very big Thank You to all of them for keeping the Hall & Field running healthily for the benefit of the whole community.

Welcome to the new young blood Tracey Fooks, Joanna Medley, Becky Fooks, and Melanie Russ who were elected to the committee.
Welcome also to Jenny Langridge (Youth Club rep) and Roger Smith (PC rep).

Best of luck, in the coming year, to all the Trustees of the Drimpton Village Hall and Recreational Trust. Your Village Needs You!

Jumble Sale – a message from Beryl Banks
Many thanks to everyone who contributed and helped out on the day. As a result of all the effort £190 was raised for Netherhay Chapel funds.

YOUTH CLUB NEWS – message from Mike Saunders:
FRI 13th MAY 6.30-8.30pm. Outdoor activity at the Village Hall


TUES 17th MAY: COFFEE MORNING 10.30am to 12noon
At 32 Chard Road by kind permission of Jane and Norman Marsden. With Bring & Buy and 100 Club Draw. Everyone is welcome. Proceeds to St Mary’s Church.

SUN 1st MAY: PUB QUIZ from c8.00pm. Bring a team or form one on the night.
SAT 21st MAY from 9pm: Live Traditional Irish Music from DUFF PADDY

proudly presents
at the Royal Oak
Bedding & Vegetable Plants
Viewing from 6.30pm - Sale by Auction from c8.30pm
All in the capable hands of Ernie the Auctioneer!


66TH ANNUAL SHOW on Saturday, 13th August
Preparations for the Annual Show are well under way and Schedules have been distributed around the villages. We hope there are classes to interest everyone. First time exhibitors are very welcome and help is always available to answer questions. We look forward to meeting all our regular contributors. New classes for 2011 are on the sheet inside your schedule.

A SCAM WARNING – message from Norman Marsden: A number of people in the village have had a phone call from an organisation claiming to be “Computer Support” or “Windows Support” or something similar and claiming that their computer is infected with virus/malware causing it to run slow or fail. The caller tries to get you to download and install some software that gives them access to your computer, which is then infected. Then they then tell you it will cost £90+ to put it right. This is a SCAM. Not only will they infect your computer and take your money, but they may also pass on credit card details to others for fraudulent use. Do not download anything to your computer on the instructions of someone you do not know and certainly never part with any money or card details to them.

Submitted by: Norman       On: 13/5/2011 at: 10:06       Location: Drimpton

Proposed diversion part of footpath 26 (Drimpton-Seaborough)

The following letter has been sent to properties in Holly Lane and Box Terrace:
Notes: A map, attached to the letter, is copyright and cannot be published here but these notes and OS grid references may help with the location:
A - The lane outside Holly Cottage, Holly Lane ST42000503
B - Where the existing footpath exits the field and rejoins Holly Lane (FP) ST42260529
C - Further down from A where Holly Lane becomes footpath only ST42050507
D- Bend in Holly Lane turning North to East (approx) ST42090527

The County Council has received an application to divert part of Footpath 26, Broadwindsor at Holly Lane, Drimpton from A — B to A — C — D — B, as shown on the enclosed Drawing 11/24.
This diversion is being made in the interests of the landowner and has been requested because the current route of this part of Footpath 26 passes across farmland, in which livestock with foals are grazed on occasion and previously the gates onto this land have been left open, posing a risk for the livestock getting onto the B3162 Crewkerne to Bridport road. The proposed diversion starts at point A and runs northwards along Holly Lane to point D where it turns eastwards to rejoin the original part of Footpath 26 at point B. Surfacing work will be carried out along Holly Lane to bring it up to a suitable standard for footpaths; this will be carried out by the applicant and will be inspected by the Rights of Way department before an order is confirmed.
Under Section 119 of the Highways Act 1980, the ends of the diversion must be in places substantially as convenient to the public. Regard must also be paid to the effect the diversion would have on public enjoyment of the footpath as a whole, and on land served by the existing and proposed routes.
Section 29 of the Highways Act 1980, as amended by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, says that when making diversion orders the County Council must have regard to the needs of agriculture, forestry and the desirability of conserving flora, fauna and geological and physiographical features.
I should be grateful to have any comments you may wish to make in writing by Friday 10 June 2011 so that they may be taken into consideration. If you think you will need more time to respond please let me know as soon as possible.
Your comments will be treated as public information (please refer to the Data Protection information at the end of this letter) and may be incorporated if a report is made to the Roads and Rights of Way Committee. However, if you wish your details or the contents of your correspondence to remain in confidence please let me know.
The file is available for public inspection at County Hall, by appointment. If the matter is referred to the Committee and a site visit is necessary please let me know whether you would like to be invited to any subsequent meeting for interested parties.
Yours sincerely
Rights of Way Officer (Definitive Map Team)
County Hall

Submitted by: Jenny       On: 2/5/2011 at: 13:27       Location: Netherhay

Easter Sunday Funday

A busy week has meant this is a late entry!
On Sunday we had our Easter all age service, lead by Charles Freebury. All ages did attend!, and it really was a lovely service, friendly, interesting and enjoyed by all. Sitting at small tables, we started with coffee and biscuits, then with the music, activities and discussion, we thought about the events of the first Easter. Younger children had an area with things to do, and everyone took part in the Easter egg hunt outside!

Submitted by: Norman       On: 1/5/2011 at: 17:21       Location: Drimpton

Pantomime rehearsal

Photographs taken by Bob Gray, one of the set design team, the week before performance day.

Click on a thumbnail to view the photograph. Click on the photograph when finished.

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/5/2011 at: 16:32       Location: Drimpton

Monthly Rainfall

Rainfall at Drimpton Cross in April 2011
12.75 mm. (’10 37.75 mm) or 0.5 inches (’10 1.5 ins.)

The very dry weather is causing concern for those in agriculture and gardening, and when I had entered the rainfall figures for last month on my chart I fully expected it to be the lowest April rainfall that I had recorded since I started keeping a record in 2002. But NO !
In April 2007 I recorded just 8.75 mm. I’m sure there are many people keeping rainfall figures in our area and I am equally sure that their figures vary, sometimes widely, from mine. However we must remember that where the gauge is kept, is all important, and houses, hills and even hedges can vary the readings. At best, the readings are only an indication.

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