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Submitted by: andrew       On: 24/4/2012 at: 12:30       Location: Drimpton


message from Mel Newman, Director of The Happiest Days of Your Life:
"I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed in any way large or small to the production of ‘The Happiest Days of Your Life’. Without the co-operation of the village it would not have been so successful. I do feel that we have achieved something which the village can be proud of. Thank you all so much, and remember when you next visit the hall and see the works in progress on the disabled toilets, you can feel that you helped to contribute to the success of them as well." Mel Newman, Play Director

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 20/4/2012 at: 14:56       Location: Drimpton

Hilary Hall and the real St Trinians

Where would Drimpton be without Jenny Banks and her press photographs? Well, we wouldn't be in Sherborne for one. That is where Mrs Putnam read about our production of "The Happiest Days of your Life" in the Western Gazette. As a result she persuaded a friend to come with her to the Saturday performance.
Just who is Mrs Putnam - not another disgruntled parent, surely; no - a pupil, the real Barbara perhaps?
Now 92, when she was a girl, her parents lived in Wales, but decided that a Scottish school would be best for their daughter, so they sent her, aged 7, to St Trinians which was very near Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.
All this was 85 years ago. When asked if she liked the school, she made it very clear that she did not. She was in fact overheard during the evening of the play to say that she had been expelled from the school. What for? Alas, we do not know.
Thus it was that Mrs Putnam and her young friend (in her 70s) made the trek, across country in the winter, to a village they did not know. Let us hope it was worth the trip, certainly everyone I have spoken too, with rather less miles under the belt, seemed to think so.
If the dark, the unknown, or the unfamiliar can make you wary of stepping out, think of Mrs Putnam, still willing to adventure in her 90s, I hope I'll have the same spirit if I live to that ripe old age.
Who knows, the Happiest Days of Your Life may yet be around the corner.
Finally, a huge thank you to Melody and Andrew for getting us on stage and performing; to the rest of the cast and helpers and especially to everyone who came and gave us full houses on both nights, that is the greatest reward of all for our efforts.

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 19/4/2012 at: 15:25       Location: Drimpton

Happiest Days of Your Life - letter

from Mary & Sam Trott: "Dear Melody & Andrew and each and every member of the Cast. What a magnificent production of this very funny play! The audience were allowed to watch and listen in to the 'private conversations', misunderstanding, mischief, innuendoes and toil, etc. that went on.
What expressions
What hard work
What local talent
What a tonic
What an atmosphere
What a wonderful evening in Our Village Hall. We enjoyed it so much. Thank you.
PS: Thanks to all the helpers and anyone who contributed in any way."

Submitted by: School       On: 18/4/2012 at: 16:36       Location: Broadwindsor

March News

The Sign2Sing World Record attempt was a great success. For the second year running, we were one of a number of schools who, at exactly the same time – 2.45pm, on Wednesday 8th February, sung a song whilst signing at the same time. From all around the country, estimates are that over 130000 people took part, beating last years record. All our pupils, teachers, some parents and visitors took part. It was a splendid sight! Well done everyone.

I reported on the visit by Olympic athlete, Larry Achike, last month and I am pleased to add that the sponsorship money raised was outstanding – in excess of £1700 – 60% of which is given to the school. A huge well done to all who took part!

We celebrated World Book Day on March 2nd by holding a themed day entitled ‘Book at Bedtime’. Children & staff were invited to come dressed as their favourite book character or in their pyjamas. As you might expect, there were some wonderful costumes. Everyone entered into the spirit of the day.

There have been plenty of activities for all classes this and last month -Jane Austen class had a terrific day at the Magdalen Project - an environmental education centre, just a few miles down the road; William Barnes class will be taking part in a Dance Festival and enjoying a visit to Montacute House.

In addition, unihoc and rugby tournaments will be taking place soon and we congratulate our football team who have qualified for the quarter finals of the Kenway Cup, playing superbly. Our netball team will be taking part in the West Dorset Spring Netball Tournament soon. More news on our sporting activities next month.

Coming up –

Mothering Sunday Service – 18th March 3.00pm
Beaminster Cluster Choral Festival at Beaminster School – Wednesday 28th March.
Easter Service – Friday 30th March 11.00 a.m.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: chubb       On: 11/4/2012 at: 16:10       Location: Drimpton

Drimpton Village Hall improvements

The first stage of the village hall improvements has gone well, on time and in budget. With local builders Pete Strawbridge and Ernie Philips being led by the chairman of the village hall Mike Saunders the new entrance has been built and a new entrance door fitted to make it easier for disabled access.This is the first step towards stage one refurbishment which leaves the toilets and changing rooms to complete which starts in a week or so. Stage 2 is already being discussed which will improve the kitchen. Photos show Pete, Ernie and Mike working on the improvements

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 7/4/2012 at: 13:12       Location: Drimpton

The Easter Bunny visits Drimpton

Luckily a camera was to hand when the Easter Bunny dropped in to visit the coffee morning today at Drimpton Village Hall.

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 3/4/2012 at: 12:57       Location: Drimpton

The Happiest Days of Your Life

Nearly "Show Time" and the cast meet, putting the finishing touches to this comedy play, set in the immediate post-war years.
Dick Tassell, Assistant Master, Hilary Hall - Robert Fooks
Rainbow, School Porter and Groundsman - Andrew Pastor
Rupert Billings, Senior Assistant Master, Hilary Hall - John Horne
Godfrey Pond, Headmaster, Hilary Hall - Brian Hesketh
Miss Evelyn Whitchurch, Principal of St Swithins - Kate Hesketh
Miss Gossage, Senior Assistant Mistress, St Swithins - Hilary Baker
Hopcroft Minor, Pupil, Hilary Hall - James Russ
Barbara Cahoun, Pupil, St Swithins - Ella Horne
Joyce Harper, Assistant Mistress, St Swithins - Rosie Marshall
Revd Edward Peck, Parent - Alan Clark
Mrs Peck, Parent - Kay Porteous
Edgar Sowter, Parent - Rod Bracher
Mrs Sowter, Parent - Beryl Banks

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 3/4/2012 at: 11:15       Location: Drimpton

Extracts from Village Newsletter for April

At the Village Hall from 10.30am to 12.30pm
With a very special Story Time & a BIG surprise! [Can anyone smell carrots?]
Plus Who Will Find The Golden Chick?
And Why not enter the Easter Hat parade?
All this AND eggs-traordinary Teas, Coffees and Gooey Cakes!

WED 4th APRIL : LENT LUNCH – 12.30pm at the Village Hall
Homemade soups served up in a warm atmosphere. £3.50. Everyone very welcome.

VILLAGE RECIPE BOOK – message from Kate & Rosemary
‘Soon after Easter a team of ‘recipe collectors’ will be calling round the village collecting favourite recipes. So please, get them ready. Remember, we are doing this to help fund better facilities at the Village Hall for the benefit of everyone.’

Good Friday
Everyone is most welcome to join once again in the Good Friday procession led by the Revd Ruth Farrant and Neville Adams, starting from the Chapel at 10.00am. The procession will begin with a short act of worship, after which the cross will be carried through Marksmead and Applefield and then placed on the grassed area adjoining the stream, where a further act of worship will take place. This will be followed by a service of meditation at 11.00am at St Mary’s Church. From 6.30pm to 7.00pm a service of quiet reflection and music will be held at the Chapel.

Easter Sunday
Do come and celebrate Easter at a service of Holy Communion to be held at St Mary’s at 11.00am, which will be led by the Revd Canon Tim Biles, formerly the Beaminster Team Rector. At 6.30pm everyone is invited to an Easter Sunday Songs of Praise at the Chapel.

SUN 1st APR: QUIZ NIGHT from 8pm
TUES 3rd APR: FOLK NIGHT for musicians and audience from c8pm.
SUN 8th APR: LIVE MUSIC with Joe Santiago from c8pm
SAT 14th APR: LIVE MUSIC with Duff Paddy from c9pm


WED 18th APR at 12.30pm: LIGHT LUNCH at the Village Hall
Homemade soups served up in a warm atmosphere. £3.50. Everyone very welcome.

At the Village Hall – 7.15 for 7.30pm
This special event gives members, friends and visitors to swap and share anything horticultural! If you’ve got something you fancy swapping, bring it along. If you have nothing but would like the chance to buy, come along!

YOUTH CLUB – message from Mike Saunders
Skateboarders had a great time. Eddy crashed the most! Youth club is a week later than usual, on FRIDAY 20th April 6.30-8pm. Team games in our new strip!!!’

At the Village Hall from 10.30am to 12.30pm
Plug plants, including bedding and geraniums, provided by members of the Gardening Club at VERY REASONABLE PRICES, raising funds in support of the village hall improvements.
Activities, Story Time, Teas, Coffees and wonderful Cakes, too.


RED ARROWS NEWS: The Red 4 weather vane is finished and Bill Studley flies north at Easter to pick it up. It should help with his navigation on the way back. Official unveiling Saturday 26th May. More details next month.

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/4/2012 at: 12:00       Location: Drimpton


28.5 mm.(2011 20.25 mm.) OR 1.13 inches (2011 .8 ins.)

Although the rainfall has been a little higher this month, everywhere is still very dry and with temperatures reaching as high as 23c. in some parts the overall situation of impending water shortages has not been improved.

Submitted by: andrew       On: 28/3/2012 at: 17:21       Location: Drimpton

Thanks to Village Hall & Recreation Trust Committee Members

The AGM of the Hall Committee was held on Monday March 19th. Mike Saunders, the Chairman, voiced the following thanks:
‘Best of luck to our new Committee and, thank you for your continued work and dedication.

A big thank you to our departing committee members. Thanks to Rebecca for her worthy, younger perspective and views. She leaves to prepare for Robert’s Hollywood career! Thanks to Pete and Joyce who have worked so hard over the past few years on for the Hall and the community. I know they have taken only one step back and will continue to do sterling work on behalf of the village. Finally, Christabel. Most villages don’t have a Christabel; they are a rare breed. But, when you have one, you don’t let them go, which is why it has taken Christabel 20+ years to finally realise that she doesn’t have the boundless energy she once had. Christabel, thank you for your catering skills; thank you for your leadership; thank you for your clear guidance, and, most of all, thank you for being such a prominent village character. I know you will continue to be a great support to the younger team, which we all want to see taking a more prominent role...'

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