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Submitted by: Centaur       On: 10/10/2013 at: 19:19       Location: Drimpton

Guess Who

Here are the photos of a helper at the light lunches, taken in earlier times. Can you recognize her?

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 7/10/2013 at: 16:21       Location: Drimpton

Post Office Yard - Finished

Here is a picture of the finished Yard, before we drive all over it.

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 7/10/2013 at: 14:09       Location: Drimpton

Post Office Yard

Glyn Phillips, back along, told me that when the local water board, a predecessor to Wessex Water was kind enough to replace the hand pump in Post Office Yard with direct water supplies to each cottage, they took up the stone sets of the Yard and didn't leave a particularly good surface.
For decades nothing happened, beyond a gradual deterioration and advance of weeds. This year, the four cottages have pooled resources and got Andy Shute in to sort it out. We now have a good surface of self-binding Cotswold stone, which should eventually weather-in and match the cottages better than, say, concrete or tarmac.
A few pictures, one of the old yard is courtesy of Kevin Hill (possibly early 1940s or 1950s - are the flags there for VE Day or The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II perhaps?), the rest are the current work.

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 7/10/2013 at: 12:36       Location: Drimpton

Road Closed

Drimpton enjoys an enviable reputation for the food enjoyed here at many village events. Perhaps less envied was the name we must have been getting as the Venice of the South West, what with all the water-main bursts. Well, that will soon all be behind us, or under us, as the Wessex Water team lays a new main and also rather kindly, gives us relatively peaceful roads for a few weeks.
Just a couple of pictures taken whilst walking along, an almost deserted, Bridport Road on Sunday morning.

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 7/10/2013 at: 12:23       Location: Drimpton


On Saturday 5th October Ella Horne and Beaminster School Friends hosted the coffee morning at Drimpton Village Hall, raising funds towards their trip to India (a trip started at Beaminster when Chris Fogg took the pupils there). The trip takes place in October 2014.
Their trip is not just for educational purposes nor just for fun, it will also help two charitable organisations – ‘Asha Deep Foundation’ & ‘Women in Need’
We enjoyed some awesomely scrumptious home-made cakes, purely in the interests of a balanced diet, to follow the bacon butties.
It was a great success with lots of villagers and friends helping to raise £185. Well done all round.

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Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 3/10/2013 at: 14:19       Location: Drimpton

September 2013 rainfall

47.25 mm.(2012 23.mm) OR 1.9 inches (2012 .9ins.)

The quite dry and certainly mild weather continues, which I am sure most of us appreciate. It is a great saving on heating costs, but as yet there is no sign of the lawn grass slowing down its rate of growth. If these temperatures continue we will still be mowing the grass at Christmas !

Submitted by: andrew       On: 2/10/2013 at: 19:13       Location: Drimpton

extracts from village newsletter for October

Ta-Ta at the ROYAL OAK…..Sid Gutteridge of Oxhayes is moving with his son to Portugal in mid-October, having lived in Drimpton since 1984. Sid is inviting all village friends to a farewell do at the Pub on SATURDAY OCTOBER 5th from 8pm. Refreshments will be provided.
GARAGE SALE: Sid is offering a range of items all on view in his garage at 23 Oxhayes any day between 11.00am and 6.00pm. Make him an offer!
Sid says:
‘For all those friends who cannot make it to the Royal Oak, it has been great to have known you. Thanks!
NEWS relating to Wessex Water Works (WWW)
The WWW has started on time. The whole programme will be kept up to date on the Village Calendar, go to Drimpton.org and click on Calendar.
School Bus
Despite our best efforts, Tracey Hawkins, Children and Adults Transport Supervisor, Dorset County Council, is unable to provide smaller school transport to accommodate a shorter diversion route to school when Bridport Road is closed 23 Sep - 4 Nov. See details below for amended timetable during this period.
Netherhay 0740………Drimpton, Axe Lane 0745………Drimpton, Oxhayes 0802 Drimpton, Square 0803………Broadwindsor Primary 0830………Beaminster 0843
Waste Collection….Waste collection will be normal up to 6th Oct. For the remaining period every effort will be made to allow access for waste collection and recycling at 7.30am on Thursdays. Should this not be possible your rubbish will be moved to an appropriate location for collection. Please ensure that your rubbish/recycling is outside your house by 7.30am on Thursdays.
At the Village Hall from 10.30am to 12.00pm
Hosted by Ella Horne and Beaminster School Friends
Raising Funds for their trip to India in October 2014
Helping two charitable organisations – ‘Asha Deep Foundation’ & ‘Women in Need’
Belated Thanks: Message from Neville and Anna Adams
“We would like to thank all those who attended the coffee morning on Friday 23rd August, as well as those who sent a donation or who gave gifts for the raffle. A special thank you to the helpers, particularly Anne, Christabel, Jane, Kay, and Sylvia, who assisted on the morning. A truly magnificent amount of £190 was raised towards the cost of maintaining the fabric of St. Mary's Church. Everyone's efforts are truly appreciated . Thank you.”
“The Members of the Netherhay Methodist Chapel would like to sincerely thank Chris Fogg for giving us an extremely entertaining evening of his stories and poems, on Sat. 21st. September. An audience of 50 thoroughly enjoyed the event and the buffet supper. Thank you to Andrew Pastor who assisted Chris on the evening.
Many thanks also to everyone who supplied the delicious food. Over £400.00 was raised for Chapel Funds.”
FILM CLUB at the VILLAGE HALL at 7.30pm
‘Moving, amusing and truthful’: Maggie Smith and Pauline Collins in Dustin Hoffman’s first film as director.
WED 9th OCT: LIGHT LUNCH from 12.30pm at the Village Hall
Range of great homemade soups and cheeseboard. £3.50. Everyone is very welcome.
FRI 11th OCT: At the VILLAGE HALL from 6.30pm to 8.00pm for all the usual Fun & Games………………….FRI 25th OCT: OUTING! Meet up at the Village all at 6.30pm.
WED 16th OCT: GARDENING CLUB at the Village Hall at 7.15 for 7.30pm
The Winter Garden, with Guest Speaker John Horsey
John is an experienced speaker on topics from Ponds to Alpines and from Shade to the Algarve, so we should be treated to some expert and timely advice.
On SUNDAY 13th OCTOBER at 12.30pm
Two-Course Hot Lunch for £7
Please book your places with Christabel or Hilary
Q U I Z & P U D S E V E N I N G
On FRIDAY 18th OCTOBER from 6.45pm at the VILLAGE HALL
Bring a Team of 4 or join one on the night.
Enjoy and a selection of delicious puddings to see you through the evening
£2.50 entrance fee includes first pudding, further puddings 50p
Prizes for winning teams!
For more details or to book a table contact Jane. Proceeds for St Mary’s Church
After proving to be a fun, fantastic fund raiser last year (over £400 raised) may we take this opportunity to thank again all those who contributed in 2012. Now, back by popular demand….
RACE NIGHT 2013 at Drimpton Village Hall on Sat 26th Oct

Doors open 7.15pm for prompt 7.30 start

Advance Tickets only…………………………..£5.00 to include Buffet
++++ The fun doesn't stop after the last race ++++
You are invited to stay and 'Dance through the Decades' til late
Please call Anna for more information / tickets
C H I L D R E N ’ S H A L L O W E E N P A R T Y
At the Village Hall on THURSDAY 31st OCTOBER from 6.00 to 7.30pm
Entrance £1 per child
[ALL children to be accompanied by an adult – Soup & Hot Beverages available!]
[Proceeds in aid of Drimpton & Netherhay Youth Club]

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 22/9/2013 at: 19:48       Location: Netherhay

Special Relationships, Chris Fogg

A special relationship between Chris Fogg and Netherhay Chapel took the dust sheets off memories, home and away as recited by Chris from his original poetry and the covers off freshly cut sandwiches and other tasty treats prepared by the team at Netherhay.
Much of Chris' storytelling was taken from his book "Special Relationships" (any sales last night went to help chapel funds) and before the interval took us up north, yes even past Bristol, to the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal, the 'Bama and Chris' childhood. I doubt anyone listening would not have found their own memories stirred and parallels drawn to our own special relationships of youth, family and growing up.
After the interval, which was packed with savouries, chat and cakes, Chris took us "Away" - in this evening of two halves - to Mali, India and New York - with an especially powerful account of the night the lights went out in New York and how that felt, in the febrile post 9/11 United States.
In a happy coincidence of continuing special relationships, the trip to India from Beaminster School (which Chris commenced and led) continues, with Netherhay's own Ella Horne going next year and raising funds for the trip at the next Drimpton Village Hall coffee morning.
If you want to sample more of Chris' work "Special Relationships" is available.
I was pleased to hear his cricket memories and quotes from The Beatles, "In My Life" -
"There are places I remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all"
Last night we were privileged to have shared some of the places Chris remembers, and the people found there, evoking our own memories of time and place, and the relationships special to each of us.
Chris finished with a story of watching Amanda, working happily in their Greenham garden, bringing us back home to our lives rooted in this place.

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 19/9/2013 at: 20:30       Location: Drimpton

Horticultural meets Coppice crafts

On Wednesday 18th September we we well entertained and informed by our guest speaker Terry Heard, an expert experienced coppice craftsman.
For more information see the Hort Soc page (cwdhortsoc.blogspot.co.uk)

He even made a besom, ideal for autumn leaves, which he gave to us to raffle at our next meeting.

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Submitted by: School       On: 19/9/2013 at: 15:33       Location: Broadwindsor

Newsletter - July 2013

I am very proud to say that our football team won the Kenway Cup tournament by 1 goal to nil. They fought a very close game against St Catherine’s Primary school and came back to school with a very impressive cup, now pride of place in our reception hall. Well done to everyone who played and coached the team and to the parents who supported them.

The Year 6 SATs are now over and the pupils can relax a little and look forward to the next phase of their education at secondary level. Various transition arrangements are in place together with other activities for the class as a whole such as sailing at the Weymouth & Portland Academy, the Year 6 residential in Wiltshire and the Leavers Presentation in July. We have 12 pupils leaving us, going to Beaminster, Woodroffe and Colfox schools and a full Reception class of 13 joining us in September. I would like to wish continued success to all our pupils and look forward to hearing of their personal achievements in the years ahead.

Nigel Arnold

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