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Submitted by: andrew       On: 16/9/2014 at: 08:23       Location: Drimpton


Thanks to the amazing generosity of villagers over the last few months Village Voices amassed a mountain of items for the Bric-a-Brac stall - almost filling the downstairs room at the Village Hall. On Fun Day a team of volunteers set up the stall, shifting boxes and boxes of stuff. When the selling started promptly at 11 we wondered how much we would manage to sell. Charging for most things 10, 20 or 50p, with a small selection of bigger items going for £5 or maybe £6, our sales built up. The Soft Toys Paddling Pool was a definite hit with the youngest! It was hard to believe when we counted up at the end of the day that the Bric-a-Brac stall had raised exactly £259.50 - an incredible amount. Village Voices also co-managed a Book Stall with the Netherhay Ladies Book Club. When the honesty box for donations to this stall was opened it totalled £79.51. Another great amount. Of the combined total £40 is to be given to Books For The Blind; the rest is to help Village Voices with its continuing work of delivering and funding activities in our community. Thank you to all givers, all volunteers and everyone who bought from our stalls. All the remaining stuff is to be sorted with the majority of it going to Oxfam, Brainwave and other local charities.

Submitted by: Norman       On: 15/9/2014 at: 10:09       Location: Drimpton


Fun Day had a programme laid out which had something for all and when the day came they were not disappointed. Activities in colourful surroundings on the Recreation Field attracted young and old - Bouncy Castle, games for children and adults, Majorettes and a Steel Band. Stalls with sales, raffles and competitions, supporting a wide range of local organisations, and an overflowing Bric-a-Brac Stall.
Delicious tea and cakes and light lunches were served in the Vi­llage Hall and, outside, a Barbecue for those who preferred to eat alfresco.

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 8/9/2014 at: 16:57       Location: Drimpton

Remembering Doris Baker, 1920 to 2014

Doris Baker (nee Spurdle) always lived locally, being born in Winsham just a handful of miles away from Drimpton.

For many years Doris was a Dinner Lady at the village school before it shut in 1968. When I was interviewing people years ago for the village book, ‘Village Voices : Local Lives’, villagers talked about Doris as ‘Auntie Doris’. This is what she said at the time about ‘open house’ at her home:

‘All the kids was in – I used to live behind Haydon Villa – and all the kids used to congregate there. And they called me Auntie Doris. Len was Uncle Len. When I went up school, course they was calling me Auntie Doris. And Mr Burton said: “Mrs Baker, I don’t know whether I like this or no. I’d rather they called you ‘Mrs Baker’.” “Well,” I said. “You tell `em, cos they’re so used to calling me Auntie Doris, I dunno whether they will.” `Ee said, “Oh, well, if you don’t mind.” What else could I say? Cos Barb, Phyllis and all they…. ‘Mrs Baker’ were somebody posh, wa’n’t it? Not I….’

‘Auntie Doris’ was one for a bit of fun. Here she is remembering playing skittles at the old Village Hall as a member of the Tea Drinkers team with Kath Taylor, Ethel Strawbridge, Nora Knight…

'I used to prick `em wi’ a pin when they went down to throw. We won a lot of matches wi’ I cheating!…'

She then told a story which is retold here:

Doris got a tail from a fox stole at a jumble sale. Then with a safety pin she would pin it to the trousers of men skittlers without them knowing. When they bowled, the tail would swing through their legs and give them a surprise… On one occasion Doris played a trick on Nora Hansford’s husband, Bill. Nora gave Doris a pair of Bill’s pyjamas, and Doris sewed the fox tail inside the crutch of them and gave them back. Bill didn’t notice when he should’ve done, and dressed and got into bed. Only then did he sense that something was wrong. “There’s a bloody rat in here! Go get my shoe!…"

For many years Doris was a member of the village WI. For some time she was the group’s secretary. She would write the minutes, but then have them checked before putting them in the book. Here she recalls what happened when Mrs Hedditch became the WI’s President. Doris explained the checking system, to her:

‘ “Will you do the same, or else I’m not gonna do it cos I I’n’t confidence enough.” And she agreed. So I did it for `er. And I only did it once. And she said, “I don’t want that any more. You write it like that. That’s Doris Baker writing it. Not me.” So Doris Baker had to write it herself every time after. Mind then, I got more used to it then, I know. I used to write like I talk, see. That’s what tis, innit?..’

The WI had a thriving Drama Group and a Singing Group. Doris was up for both.

Time passed. Doris kept house. She had two sons, Mike and Roy. She was a stalwart of Netherhay Chapel. She used to do a bit of hairdressing. As she said: “Not professionally, you know, but just home perms and that.” And each week for years when she was doing the laundry she had to wash 13 white football shirts for Drimpton Football Club. It’d take her almost all day. She made her famous marmalade and bean chutneys. She had grandchildren, and very recently great grandchildren came along.

A final image that comes to my mind is of The Three Ladies – that is Kath, Ethel and Doris walking The Block on a sunny afternoon. In no real rush.

Goodbye, Doris.

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Submitted by: Norman       On: 3/9/2014 at: 20:40       Location: Drimpton

New junction markings

The road junction at the Royal Oak now has new lane markings to improve the visibility of, and for, traffic turning right from Bridport Road into Crewkerne Road.

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 1/9/2014 at: 14:27       Location: Drimpton

extracts from village newsletter for September

D R I M P T O N F U N D A Y 2014!
On SATURDAY 13th SEPTEMBER from 11am – 4pm
at the Village Hall and Recreation Ground

This year's attractions and activities include:
Archery • Barbecue • Bouncy Castle • Steel Band
Majorettes • Stalls • Competitions • Races
5-a-Side Soccer • Face Painting • Skittles
Teas and Cakes • Refreshments • Ice cream kiosk • Royal Oak Bar
Bric a Brac • Displays
and much more

·If you want to help on the day and haven’t already volunteered contact Mike Saunders.
·Help erect the marquee THURS 11th SEPT 6pm.
·If you are free any time FRI SEPT 12th between 2pm & 7pm please come and help set up the site.
·Clear up operations requires many helpers. Please come along from 10am SUN 14th SEPT.
WED 10th SEPT: LIGHT LUNCH at the Village Hall from 12.30pm
A range of homemade soups with cheeseboard served up in a friendly atmosphere. £3.50. Everyone is welcome.
TUES SEPT 2nd: FOLK NIGHT – for Musicians & Audience from c9.00pm
SUN SEPT 7th: QUIZ NIGHT – Bring a Team or join one on the night, from c8.00pm
Reminder: Wednesday nights is Steak Night!
FILM CLUB – the new season starts at the Village Hall on WEDNESDAY SEPT 10th at 7.30pm
‘Based on the 19th-century memoir of Solomon Northup the film follows the tribulations of an educated carpenter, musician and family man from New York State, who, in 1841, was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the south – a shockingly common phenomenon.’
Friday 26th September
World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
(Supporting Macmillan Cancer Support)
Pin House, Chard Road, Drimpton
10.30am – 12 noon
Raffle, Cake Stall
Hosted by Viv & John Watts

Lovely weather on Saturday August 16th made the barbecue at the Village Hall a delightful day. All the games were laid out on the football pitch and a bouncy castle hired. Everyone had a great time. The food cooked by Mike was excellent and everyone was fed. Around 40 people attended.

FRIDAY 12th SEPT 6.30 - 8pm. Fun and games and final preparation for Fun Day activity.

FRIDAY 26th SEPT 6.30 – 8pm: Youth Club Film Night
Sunday 28th September
Harvest Festival United service at St Mary’ Church 6.30pm

Monday 29th September
at the Village Hall
12.30 p.m.

Produce stall & Raffle, 100 Club draw
Hot meal for only £7!
Bookings: Jane Marsden
Garden Club a.k.a the Horticultural Society

The Summer Show - very many thanks to everyone who took part: exhibiting, visiting or helping to put it on - it was a great village event and all because of you. You can see photos and all the results on the Hort Soc page here: cwdhortsoc.blogspot.com

The first meeting back after the fun of the Show will be on Wednesday 17th September, at 7:15 for 7:30 pm, in Drimpton Village Hall. Our guest speaker Peter Cantrill will be taking us through the mysteries of Unusual Herbaceous Perennials.
Many people took out or renewed membership at the Show, if you missed out, it's not too late at the meeting and visitors are always welcome.
Message from Sue Woodbury, Box Terrace:
“I often have up to 7 children to stay, one of them is just turned 1 year old. When they walk the lane between our two properties they are getting covered in dog poo. And little Oscar actually picked some up in his hands before I reached him.

Last autumn when I was cleaning out a drain, I had to remove a number of bags of poo. I like dogs, but owners of dogs who behave like this I can live without. I am sorry that I have to complain, but I find that people just don’t know how to behave or abide by the old Country Code.”

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/9/2014 at: 12:09       Location: Drimpton

Rainfall at Drimpton Cross in August 2014

157.25 mm. (2013 26.5mm) OR 6.25 inches (2013 1.05 ins.)

Compared to last year, we have had a much more average rainfall which has kept everything in the garden growing well, including the grass ! A good warm and pleasant Autumn is now our hope.

Submitted by: Jane       On: 28/8/2014 at: 14:56       Location: General

Order No 55, in the Great War

As a family historian I was pleased to get a copy of the 11th Field Company, Royal Engineers war diary, which has helped to give me an idea of what my great grandfather was doing during the Great War. With the diary also comes the pieces of paper with the day to day orders issued from on high, one of these, issued on the retreat after the Battle of the Mons includes this paragraph.

"Dress- With reference to Routine Order No55 wearing of flowers + other unsoldierly trinkets in the cap, other than the French national colours, will immediatly cease."

You maybe retreating but you must look like a British soldier, I wonder what the trinkets were they had on there caps?

Submitted by: chubb       On: 16/8/2014 at: 21:49       Location: Drimpton

Skittles in the Royal Oak

This was the first year a summer skittle league was arranged in Drimpton pub.
9 teams of 4 people entered and played on the alley in the pub.
The social side of playing against people in the village was entertaining, and many a game was won or lost with people having every excuse under the sun.
Food was laid on by Chris and Alex and a few beers or glasses of wine were drunk.
A great village event, looking forward to next years event

Submitted by: chubb       On: 16/8/2014 at: 21:41       Location: Drimpton

Youth club barbecue

Lovely weather made the barbecue at the village hall a delightful day, all the games were laid out on the football pitch and a bouncy castle hired. Everyone had a great time.
The food cooked by Mike was excellent and everyone was fed.
Around 40 people attended.

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 15/8/2014 at: 21:32       Location: Netherhay

Netherhay Chapel Cross

The shadow cast by the cross at the chapel this afternoon, just before the mower did its work.

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