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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 15/8/2014 at: 20:37       Location: Netherhay

Chapel Cross

The shadow of the cross on the grass, just before cutting, was striking in the afternoon sunlight.

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 14/8/2014 at: 10:48       Location: Drimpton

Annual Flower Show August 2014


On Saturday 9th August, Clapton, Wayford, Drimpton & District Horticultural Society’s 69th Annual Show attracted almost 80 exhibitors, in 100 classes – everything from Flowers, Vegetables, Flower Arranging, Baking, Handicraft to Art, Photography and Family sections. Somehow over 600 exhibits were fitted into Drimpton Village Hall.

One of the highlights of the day was the potato weighing (with competitors having been given a seed potato at the February Potato Day).

A fitting winner of the Diana Sprent Trophy for the best Art exhibit was a thought-provoking collage, created by Mary Stack, on the theme of the First World War.

Below is the list of Cup and Trophy Prize winners, you can see the full results and more photographs on the Hort. Soc. web page: cwdhortsoc.blogspot.co.uk

Most prize money in the Flower and Vegetable sections:
Vic Chubb, Winsham

Most prize money in the Flower section:
Barbara Wright, Drimpton

Best Flower Exhibit:
Barbara Wright, Drimpton

Rose with the best scent:
Joyce Tyas, Drimpton

Most prize money in the Vegetable section:
Vic Chubb, Winsham

For the best Vegetable Exhibit:
Brian Hesketh, Drimpton

For the best Organic Vegetable Collection:
Michael Vickery, Wayford

Best Floral Arrangement:
Barbara Wright, Drimpton

Most prize money in the Homecraft section:
Christabel Pilz, Drimpton

Best exhibit in the baking section:
Kate Hesketh, Drimpton

Best exhibit in the Preserves section
Trush Harding, Drimpton

Best exhibit in the Handicraft section:
Julie Rowan-Robinson, Netherhay

Best exhibit in the Art Section:
Mary Stack, Netherhay

Best exhibit in the Photographic section:
Martin Rowan-Robinson, Netherhay

Most prize money - young people up to 9 years:
Floë Brown, Drimpton

Most prize money - young people under 15 years:
Georgia Hedditch, Broadwindsor

Young person's Heaviest Potato Crop:
Matthew Medley, Drimpton

Adult's Heaviest Potato Crop:
Cilin Gray, Crewkerne

Geranium and Fuchsia growing competition, sponsored by the Garden's Group:
BEST FUCHSIA: Roger Smith, Drimpton
BEST GERANIUM: Rosemary Shepherd, Greenham

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 13/8/2014 at: 14:17       Location: Drimpton

War 1914 Collage

This entry is submitted by me on behalf of the artist and creator Mary Stack. As well as being on display in St Mary's church, the collage won, for Mary, the Diana Sprent Trophy in the Art classes at the Annual Flower Show at the weekend and has also been exhibited at Clapton Village Hall.

"At a time when ladies from St Mary’s were being asked if they would consider making tapestry kneelers to commemorate the 7 men from the village who gave their lives in the first world war, I remember thinking that I would prefer to do something in the way of art. It was 10th March this year that I first went to Bradford’s to buy a piece of hardboard which measured 5’ x 2’6” to fill the size of the church notice board.

I am rather impatient and tend to do things the wrong way round! I know that you are meant to begin by making some sketches outlining your idea and getting some perspective so that you have a basic framework to work from.
I don’t!

I started to collect pictures from Forces charities leaflets, newspaper cuttings of soldiers of the period, coloured paper torn from magazines. The pebbles, seaweed and reeds I collected from a beach on the Solway Firth in April along with small pieces of driftwood. Other materials I’ve used are ribbon, linen, sand, grit as well as paper, cardboard, tissue paper, palm crosses etc. Not to mention large brushes and cans of PVA glue! I knew I wanted the left hand side of the picture to be all about the enthusiasm of men going to war and the right hand side to be about destroyed and burning buildings but I struggled over the months to think how to bring the two together.

Then my daughter came to stay at the end of April. She told me bluntly that the whole thing was too big and unmanageable. I then stripped off all that I had done and started again on a smaller board 3’ x 2’. This proved to be a turning point. I had to use a sharp knife and chisel to pare off what I had done in order to re-construct it on a smaller scale. It was a struggle to achieve the contrast of dark and light but I kept referring to some of Graham Sutherland’s war paintings for inspiration.

I only worked for about an hour or two at any one time over the four months – getting back to my easel when I had an idea or saw an image that might fit and was continually tearing off and finding interesting shapes underneath so it was a bit of a ‘revolving door’ experience all along which much anguish and frustration thrown in. It all seemed to come together in the final week leading up to the Flower Festival. I was idly looking through what materials I had and found a new pot of white modelling paste. I had let a friend use this new pot and when I opened it I was cross to find that she had mixed paint into it so it was flecked with yellows and browns. I gouged it out and put it on my palette and suddenly saw that this texture and colour would be ideal to construct the ‘road’ which leads up to the focal point of the church building.

I have reflected several times since that if it hadn’t been for ‘the mess in the pot’ I might not have been able to complete this piece of art so easily.

My thanks go to Dermot for his encouragement and his willingness to ‘picking up the pieces’ over the months."
[Mary Stack]

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 4/8/2014 at: 20:28       Location: Drimpton

extracts from village newsletter for August

R E M E M B E R I N G - 1914 to 1918

Message from Brian Hesketh: “Great Britain declared war on Germany on August 4th, one hundred years ago. War memorials in cities, towns and villages record the resultant loss of life and Drimpton is no exception. Resulting from John McCrae's poem, "In Flanders' Fields", we now closely associate poppies with that commemoration. Village Voices and the Horticultural Society are responsible for the small beds of poppies you may have noticed in the villages covered by the Society, each a place to remember and reflect, in pausing or passing. As the poppies fade the plots will continue to be marked by a single large poppy given by the Royal British legion, through Sam and Mary Trott.

The plan is for these Poppy Signs to go up for the 4th August. Mary & Mick Wilson have been looking after the other villages. We will be digging postholes ready and hoping to put the signs up around the village on Aug 3rd.”

On Monday August 4th at 7pm all are welcome to a short service at St Mary’s Church, led by Revd David Baldwin, to remember the centenary of World War 1. Members of the PCC should remain after the service for a PCC meeting.
THANKS from Sylvia and Glyn Phillips regarding the AIR AMBULANCE DANCE:
“We would like to thank all the people who supported and attended the Dance. A great time was had by all. A grand total of £585.00 has been sent to Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.
THANKS from Hazel Hill: “A big thank you to all who supported the Cream Tea in June and gave so generously, also many thanks to all those who donated cakes etc. and a big thank you to all who helped in the kitchen and hall. Not forgetting the helpers who put up the tables and chairs and cleared up afterwards. We made the wonderful sum of £700 (for Church funds).Thank you one and all."
PARENT & TODDLER GROUP – Message from Beryl Banks: “I have run the group for many years for the Methodist Chapel. As numbers have fallen this summer, I would like all who are interested in coming to the group in September to please contact me during the summer. We have usually met on a Wednesday morning from 10.00 a.m. until 11.30 a.m., but I am quite happy to change to another morning if necessary. I look forward to hearing from any parents."


Do you have to be a member to enter? No!
Do you have to be a member to view the entries? No!
Do you have to be a gardener to enter? No!
Could that plant you call a weed, tucked in the corner, be The Best Flowering Plant? Yes!
It's not all plants either, how about Homecraft, Handicraft, Photography, Art ...?

Entries to Brian (6 Post Office Yard) please by Wednesday 6th August
(see information and all the classes at cwdhortsoc.blogspot.co.uk).

Youth Club members, don't forget your sunflower measuring and photograph.
Potato Competition growers, come along with your plant in it's container for weighing.

Open for viewing from 2.15pm on SHOW DAY,
with lots of Tasty Cakes and Tea from The Village Café …………………..Prize Giving at 4.15.
SUMMER DANCE: Message from Mike Saunders:“Thank you all for the help setting up the Summer Dance and to Rosemary and her team for a fantastic 3 course meal, served so beautifully at the table. A rather disappointing attendance (people away?), but a fantastic night for the 38 who attended. We raised £130 to support the running costs of the Village Hall.”
TUES AUG 5th: FOLK NIGHT – for Musicians & Audience from c9.00pm
SUN AUG 9th: QUIZ NIGHT – Bring a Team or join one on the night, from c8.00pm
SAT AUG 23rd: Live Music from ‘DESIGN’ – 60s & 70s classics from c.8.00pm
SUN 3rd AUG: SUMMER LUNCH at the Village Hall at 12.00pm for 12.30pm - This is a reminder to all ticket holders to come dressed for this quintessential English summer lunch.
on SATURDAY 16th AUGUST from 11am to 2pm

Enjoy Burgers, Hot Dogs and Refreshments in the shade of our lovely new marquee
With Fun and Games for the energetic.

St. Mary’s Church - COFFEE MORNING
At White Heather, 17 Bridport Rd.
(By kind permission of Sam & Mary Trott)

THURSDAY 21st AUGUST from 10.30 to 12 noon
Bring & Buy, Raffle - 100 Club draw
Everyone welcome
For St. Mary’s Church Funds
D R I M P T O N F U N D A Y is B A C K for 2014!
On SATURDAY 13th SEPTEMBER from 11am – 4pm
at the VillageHall and Recreation Ground

Yes, Drimpton Fun Day is back, but with a difference.
This year Drimpton Fun Day Committee is offering free stalls to all voluntary organisations at the Drimpton Fun Day to enable them to raise funds for their groups. Participants can choose how you raise money, although we encourage stallholders to err towards Fun Fair type events to ensure that the day has plenty of fun activity.

All we ask in return is that you tell the Fun Day Committee how much you raised for your group and give us a few notes on your thoughts about the day so we can decide how to proceed next time.
The Fun Day Committee will provide Fun Day Publicity, signage, site management, parking control, safety, risk assessment, insurance etc.

Please let Mike Saunders know by 16th August if you wish to have a stall reserved for your group.

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/8/2014 at: 11:43       Location: Drimpton

Rain in July''14

Rainfall at Drimpton Cross in JULY 2014
32.75 mm.(2013 48.5) or 1.3 inches (2013 1.93 ins.)

Some like it HOT ! But I suspect that there are many amongst us who have found the recent hot weather just a little too hot, and we often hear of folk who have emigrated to Spain etc. who would love to come back but can’t because of falling property prices in Spain and rising prices here. Perhaps we should learn to love our variable climate.

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 22/7/2014 at: 07:32       Location: Drimpton

A Diamond Couple

It was a pleasure, at Wednesday's Horticultural Society meeting to be able to share in the celebration of a rare achievement.

Two of our members, who continue to contribute so much to the life of the Society, broke off from their partying to come to a talk on rudbeckia and echinacea, not entirely selfless dedication to horticulture - I think they'd caught a whiff of Ann baking.

Congratulations to Stan and Sylvia on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary!

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Submitted by: School       On: 14/7/2014 at: 15:03       Location: Broadwindsor

News from July

Broadwindsor Primary School – www.broadwindsor.dorset.sch.uk

The Year 6 SATs are now over and the pupils can relax a little and look forward to the next phase of their education at secondary level. Various transition arrangements are in place with induction days at their new schools, but before all that they have their Residential in Wiltshire to look forward to with 2 action packed days at a JCA activity centre plus visits to the Mary Rose Museum and the Hawk Conservancy too.

We have 13 pupils leaving us, going to Beaminster, Woodroffe and Colyton schools and a full Reception class of 13 joining us in September. I would like to wish continued success to all our pupils and look forward to hearing of their personal achievements in the years ahead.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: School       On: 14/7/2014 at: 14:59       Location: Broadwindsor

News from June

Broadwindsor Primary School – www.broadwindsor.dorset.sch.uk

As well as having an Ofsted Inspection earlier this school year, as a Church school we awaited our Church Inspection, organised under the framework of SIAMS – Statutory Inspection of Anglican & Methodist Schools. This took place on Thursday 8th May.

The Year 4 pupils travelled to Slimbridge to spend 2 nights and 3 days away from home on their residential trip. This, for many, was the first time away from home and was a great experience. The trip was made with pupils from St Mary’s Academy. These trips away with other schools help pupils with their ultimate transition to secondary school by making new friends and widening their horizons. We also organised the same itinerary for 2 other cluster schools - Salway Ash and Parrett & Axe, who travelled together the following week. The trip included visits to @Bristol, Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre and Bristol Zoo.

At the end of the summer term we will bid farewell to one of our longest serving teachers – Mrs Ann Best, who will be retiring after 14 years at our school. We will all miss her of course – her hard work and devotion to the children, but we also know she will look forward to more travelling and relaxing. The Embroidery Club will not be quite the same! The children who have participated in this club over the years have each made an embroidered mat to take home and many have worked as a team to produce two terrific displays in our main hall and reception hall.

We have appointed a new teacher – Miss Carrie Stork, who will start in September.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: School       On: 14/7/2014 at: 14:58       Location: Broadwindsor

News from May

Broadwindsor Primary School – www.broadwindsor.dorset.sch.uk

I mentioned in last month’s issue that Mary Anning class (our Reception children) had been busy making a mini-garden on a pallet, as their entry for the Garden Releaf charity competition, run by Groves Nurseries. The competition aimed to raise money for “Greenfingers” a children’s charity. Well, the pupils are very proud to tell everyone that they were winners! Their garden was based on the theme of “The Enormous Turnip”, a story they had been reading in class. They made giant vegetables and used miniature pictures of themselves to great effect, nestling in amongst the flowers and vegetables. There are many pictures of their garden and the process of putting it together on our school website. The winner was decided by the most amount of money raised in the collection box by each school’s garden. Well done Mary Anning class!

Our work and activities during Science & Engineering week went very well with a terrific number of entries for the 2114 Invention Competition. The judging was taken very seriously by Mrs Martin, Science Teacher from Beaminster School together with Governor – Gerald May, parent - Rob Hedditch, and guest, Peter Cresswell. Winners were chosen for each class – the models produced were creative and technically brilliant – winning ideas ranged from a teleporting machine to an energy producing floating city; from ‘organsynthesis’ to a hover mobility scooter; from a helping machine to a solar panel flying car.

A slightly quieter Summer Term starts on Wednesday 23rd April.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: School       On: 14/7/2014 at: 14:57       Location: Broadwindsor

News from April

Broadwindsor Primary School – www.broadwindsor.dorset.sch.uk

The PTA are stepping up their fundraising efforts during March and April with many activities aimed at offering fun for the children and parents alike – Film night on the 21st March will be showing ‘Turbo’; National Science and Engineering week will be celebrated with an Invention competition and exhibition on the 27th March organised by the PTA and our science co-ordinator Mrs Russell; the ever popular Easter bingo is set to take place on 3rd April and finally an ‘Egg Drop’ on the 4th, which again should utilise some engineering skills by the children.

Without the sterling efforts of the PTA, the school would find it difficult to provide the ‘extras’ which so often benefit the children.

Easter Service – 9.15am Friday 4th April

Nigel Arnold

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