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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 11/2/2014 at: 09:00       Location: Drimpton

Potato Day 2014

In the midst of one of the wettest winters ever with news of flooding, road and rail disruption and more to come it seemed quite possible that Potato Day this year may not happen - could the Pennard Plants team get through with the potatoes, plants and seeds, would people come even if Pennard did get set up, might all the baking and food preparation go to waste?

As it turned out there were a few less people than last year, but it did get busy - it takes a lot to beat the doggedness of gardeners and the food team can rise to any occasion!

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 3/2/2014 at: 18:46       Location: Drimpton

Extracts from the February village newsletter

On SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8th from 10.30am to 2.30pm
At the Village Hall

There won’t just be over 80 varieties of planting potatoes to buy by the tuber, but also an extensive range of vegetable & flower seed, a good selection of Garlic, Onion & Shallot sets, herbs, fruit bushes and Rhubarb.

It wouldn’t be Drimpton food without GOOD FOOD as well, with all day brunches, lunches and cakes, as well as warming drinks

Children's activities including helping to start The Poppies Picture.
Plus plant and produce stalls - advice, advice, advice! !

Potato Day is the time to enter our popular Potato Growing Competition, (classes for young people and adults – weigh-in on Show Day, Saturday 9th August)
SUN 2nd FEB & 2nd MAR: QUIZ NIGHT c.8.00pm. Bring a team, or join one.
TUES 4th FEB & 4th MAR: FOLK NIGHT from c.9.00pm. For Musicians & Audience.
2 Steaks & a Bottle of Wine for £25
Booking required

SAT 22nd FEB: LIVE MUSIC with DESIGN from 9.00pm,
featuring village Musician, Maurice Blogg

OAPs LUNCHES from WEDs to SATs, 12.00pm to 2.00pm - £5 per person
WED 12th FEB: LIGHT LUNCH at the VILLAGE HALL from 12.30pm
Choice of homemade soups and cheese table, served in a welcoming atmosphere. £3.50 per person. Extra soup at 50p.
Note: Lent lunches begin on WED 5th MAR. The 2nd is on MAR 26th.
WED 12th FEB: FILM NIGHT at the Village Hall at 7.30pm
‘CAPTAIN PHILLIPS’ with Tom Hanks superb as the captain of a hijacked ship in a nail-biter that manages to tell both sides of the story.
FRIDAY 14th FEB at 6.30pm FUN & GAMES
on SATURDAY 15th FEBRUARY - from 8.00pm till midnight

with LIVE MUSIC from local band, RAGGIE ANNIE

Get rid of those winter blues with a good old-fashioned dance,
or just sit and enjoy a drink and food in some good company.

Admission £10 to include HOT BUFFET FOOD from Drimpton’s Top Chefs!
Children – Free Entry……………..Contact Steve Chubb for tickets


In August there will be The Annual Show in the Village Hall, and, though that is still months away, we thought some advance notice in a few of the classes may be helpful, to get you snapping, stitching and painting.

Photography titles (all your own work):
* "This always makes me smile." (Plus a note to say why) * Holidays
* A Winter Scene * Funny Signs * A Pond
Handicraft will be the same in most cases. However, one class (where you may like some advance notice) will be for a Textile Bag (which may be from a kit).
Art will include classes for Watercolour, or Pen & Wash; Oil, Acrylic or any other Medium and A Sculpture, so something for you, whatever kind of artist you are..

Full copies of the printed Schedule will be available as usual; in addition, you will be able to view it on the Hort Soc web page: cwdhortsoc.blogspot.co.uk

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/2/2014 at: 15:50       Location: Drimpton

Rainfall at Drimpton Cross in January 2014

288.25 mm.(2013 145.75) or 11.44 ins.(2013 5.78 ins.)

With rainfall recorded as twice that of last year it is not surprising that this January rainfall is the highest January rainfall since records began in 1910, with all the consequent flooding of homes and property. We are very fortunate here.
The average monthly rainfall in this country is 2 inches.

Submitted by: andrew       On: 27/1/2014 at: 13:49       Location: Drimpton


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. During it seven village men died in battle in Europe and in the Middle East. They are remembered on village memorials and in the village book, ‘Who Were We?’ However, many more men living in the village fought and returned home. But who were they?

This is a request:
If you know of any of these local men who fought and came back, please let Jane or Andrew know. We believe they deserve to be remembered, too. Contact us at mail@drimpton.org.uk

Submitted by: Norman       On: 27/1/2014 at: 11:58       Location: Drimpton

High Speed Broadband for Drimpton

(Based on information available January 2014)
The roll-out phase of the Dorset Superfast broadband project will be starting this Spring. Areas in the first phase will be announced in February. Latest news available at : http://www.dorsetforyou.com/broadband/news
What does this mean for Drimpton area? The technology to be used is called Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC), for Drimpton this means the copper wires between Broadwindsor Exchange and Drimpton cabinet will be replaced by Fibre-Optic. This will give full speed digital up to the cabinet, after this the existing copper wires to each house will be used.
Superfast? - Based on current information and technology, and provided the system is upgraded to the latest specification (ADSL2+), most users should notice a significant speed increase between 2 and 5 times faster up to a maximum of 24Megabits/s but the increase will depend on the distance from the cabinet, which is currently located in Chard Road.
To register your interest in improving broadband in this area go to:

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 22/1/2014 at: 18:16       Location: Drimpton

Quiz and Not Just Puds

Braving dreadful downpours and gushing gullies, teams filled Drimpton Village Hall for the Clapton, Wayford and District Horticultural Society Quiz last Wednesday. I am sure I'm not the only one who was possibly more interested in the puds and savoury tastes, which were delicious.
Thanks to Bob and Andrew for quizzing and scoring to Rosemary, Kate and team for feeding us all so well.

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Submitted by: Norman       On: 20/1/2014 at: 21:59       Location: Drimpton

90 years of the Village Hall - part 12

Minutes of the Drimpton & District Village Hall Committee meeting held at Spring Farm on Thursday 3rd January 1924.
Present: Mr B. Harrison in the chair, Mrs Gale, Mr R. Hedditch, Mr W. Doble Mr H. Doble, Mr Goddard, Mr A. Doble and the Secretary.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.
The Treasurer read the balance sheet of the opening concert & dance which showed a profit of £19-0-0 and since then a profit of £1-0-0 had been made [at] a New Years’ Party. This was considered very satisfactory.
The question of payment to the contractors was then brought forward. The cost of building the hut and extras amounted to £183-10-6, the cost of curtains not being included in this. The treasurer showed a total balance of £113-0-0. It was then decided to borrow from Mrs Gale the sum of £75 at the rate of 5% interest repayable in small amounts, and to pay the contractors as soon as possible.
The trustees of the hall decided to complete the deeds with solicitor at an early date.
It was decided to hold a 1/- dance on Wednesday 16th Jan. from 7.30 till 12.pm and a dance with orchestra from 8 pm to 2 am on the 14th February. The secretary to write to Simmonds & Draper’s orchestra of Bridport and find out their charges.
A social evening at a charge of 3d was fixed for the 1st Monday in every month during the winter.
The meeting was then closed.

The committee must have been unaware of a fire at the hut on the same day (3rd January) which caused some damage but this was brought up at the next meeting…

Minutes of the Drimpton & District Village Hall Committee meeting held at Spring Farm on Wednesday 9th January 1924.
Present Mr J.E.Miller in the chair, Mrs Gale, Mr W. Doble, Mr Goddard, Miss Cox, Mr R. Hedditch, Mr H. Doble and the Secretary.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.
A cheque value 15/- was made out to Messrs. Sparks & Blake being the premium to insure the hall & furniture for the sum of £300 with the Atlas Assce. Co. for one year.
A fire claim respecting the damage done to the hall by the fire on the 3rd January 1924 was then signed by the chairman & treasurer. The amount claimed was £12- 1 – 0 according to Messrs Wakely Bros estimate.
The question of chairs was again discussed & the treasurer was asked to obtain a sample one value 4/6 for 18 through her brother at Bath. It was decided to keep the four collapsible sample chairs.
It was now found it would be necessary to borrow £90 from Mrs Gale to settle the contractor's account & other items. This was proposed and carried.
With reference to the village piano Mr Miller promised that members of the committee who bought the piano should meet and give their decision with regard to the rightful owners.
This concluded the business.

Minutes of the Drimpton & District Village Hall Committee meeting held at Spring Farm on Saturday 19th January 1924.
Present Mr B Harrison in the chair(until the arrival of Col. Douglas), Mrs Gale, A & H. Doble, Messrs Goddard, and R. Hedditch.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed & signed.
It was suggested that the entrance to the hall could be improved by draining the land. Messrs A. Doble and P. Goddard kindly consented to see into it.
The necessary arrangements for the forthcoming dance on the 14th Feb. were then dealt with
Mrs. Gale reported that she had ordered 60 new chairs at a cost of 4/6 each as per instruction of previous meetings.
The question of mats for the doors was then discussed. Col Douglas said that Mrs Douglas, on behalf of the committee, would no doubt be pleased to buy the necessary mats.
The treasurer reported that a meeting of members of the old committee who bought the village piano would be held on Tuesday evening, 22nd January.
This concluded the business.

A long meeting next:

Minutes of the Drimpton & District Village Hall Committee meeting held at Spring Farm on Thursday 21st February 1924.
Present Col. Douglas Chairman, Mrs Gale, Messrs W. Doble, J E Miller, R Hedditch, P. Goddard, A & H. Doble, B. Harrison and the Secretary.
The minutes of the last meeting were read, passed and signed.
The chairman then read some correspondence from Sparks & Blake regarding the Hall insurance. He reported that the policy had been amended to the satisfaction of the trustees. The secretary then read a copy of a letter thanking the Atlas Assce. Co for cheque in payment of fire claim.
The treasurer read the balance sheet of the recent dance which shewed a net profit of £2 – 12 - 1½. A profit of £1 – 3 - 8½ was made at the last social, and a profit of £4 – 18 – 6 had been made on the dancing classes which were now finished owing to Lent. The treasurer reported that the sum of £49 – 18 – 9 had been taken since the opening of the Hall on Dec. 20th 1923.
The accounts shewed a net profit of £31 – 13 – 5 which was considered very encouraging. Mr W. Doble then paid over to the treasurer the sum of £2 the result of a wager. He was given a hearty vote of thanks. It was decided to re-pay Mrs. Gale the sum of £20 leaving a balnce of £70 to be paid off. Mrs. Gale asked the trustees to let her have a receipt for the £70 and the secretary was asked to get the necessary stamp to make the document legal.
The secretary was instructed to advertise at once a dance with orchestra on 24th April proximo, also to advertise on the 16th April & to get 25 posters printed. Col. Douglas kindly promised to lend his grounds for a summer fete, the same conditions as the previous year to be observed. Mrs. Gale propose & Mr Hedditch seconded that the fete should be held on 19th July 1924. The secretary to advertise at once. This was carried.
The committee then considered the question of charges for letting the Hall on hire. Mrs. Gale proposed & Mr H. Doble seconded that the Hall should be lent for church & chapel affairs free of charge. This was carried. Mr. W. Doble proposed & Mr. H. Doble seconded that the charges to the various bodies should be as follows:-
Boy scouts & similar bodies - 7s/6d
Persons in the district of Drimpton, Greenham & Netherhay - 7s/6d
Persons from outside districts - 15/=
Political & theatrical parties – 21/=
This was carried unanimously.
The secretary was asked to write & thank Miss Gale of The Villa, Hinton St. George for letting the committee have her oil stove free.
This concluded the business.

Quite a lot of business discussed and a lot of work for the secretary! But overall good news that the Hall is prospering and the committee are planning future events with enthusiasm.
There are a lot of sums of money mentioned all, of course, in pre-decimal currency and I have shown the amounts as they were written. For those unfamiliar with the terminology
£2 – 12 - 1½ is two pounds, twelve shillings and one and a half penny, where there are 20 shillings to a pound and 12 pennies to a shilling. 4/6 is four shillings and sixpence, 15/= (or 15/-) is fifteen shillings.

Submitted by: School       On: 20/1/2014 at: 09:37       Location: Broadwindsor

News - January 2014

Broadwindsor Primary School – www.broadwindsor.dorset.sch.uk

This month I would like to talk about our band of volunteers. We have many volunteers who help with the smooth running of the school and who help to create a community feel, something that I am very proud of.

Mrs Carol Bane has been our librarian for 10 years. Every Wednesday, Mrs Bane comes to school and manages the library. All the classes have the opportunity to go to the library and borrow a book for a week or two. The children love to go to the library and look forward to her weekly visits. I know she enjoys it too!

I have always felt it beneficial for the children to have other adults from the village (and from Beaminster) visit the school. Some come to listen to children reading, some help with our growing of plants and vegetables and some, in the past, have helped with music activities.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA), a small group of parents, also work constantly to fundraise for the school and to provide fun activities for our children in the process. The Christmas Fair is a case in point and as I write, the PTA are preparing this year’s Fair for the 9th December. The children will have actively taken part by making gifts for sale on the day, running their own stalls and games. Over the years, the PTA have helped to provide resources for classrooms, indoor play items such as tennis tables (ideal for break times when poor weather sends the children inside) and most recently the fort/ship, which now sits proudly on our playing field.

A big thank you to all our volunteers.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: School       On: 20/1/2014 at: 09:35       Location: Broadwindsor

News - December

Broadwindsor Primary School – www.broadwindsor.dorset.sch.uk

As I mentioned in last month’s issue, Ofsted came to visit our school at the end of September and I am pleased and proud to say that the Inspector agreed with our own assessment of the school. We have been rated ‘GOOD’ overall, with the behaviour and safety of pupils rated ‘OUTSTANDING’. It is worth noting that the Ofsted reporting system has changed substantially since our last inspection in 2008, reducing the number of categories graded and making it far harder to achieve Good or Outstanding grades. My thanks go to the teaching staff for their hard work and the quality of their teaching. The support staff make a great contribution to school and this was noted too in the report. The school community comprising children, staff, parents, Governors and volunteers from the village all work continually together to improve the school.

Christmas dates:
9th December – School Christmas Fair from 2pm – 4pm.

12th December - Christmas Show in Comrades Hall on Wednesday 11th December, two performances, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

20th December – Carol Service in the Church at 9a.m with coffee available before the service.

We welcome parents, friends and the wider village community to join us in our Christmas celebrations.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 11/1/2014 at: 17:26       Location: Drimpton

A cosy roost

Peter and Rosemary have a nest box with a camera inside it and while I was there (at their place, not in the nest box) guess what - a blue tit appeared in the box (which is viewable on Pete & Rosemary's TV) preening away, before settling in for a warm, dry night. I couldn't resist pointing my phone camera at the TV, and here are the pictures.
As you can see from the flecks on the bottom of the box, this bird has a thing or two yet to learn about housework and hygiene.

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