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Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 2/1/2018 at: 10:11       Location: Drimpton Cross

Rainfall in December 2017

I am left with the impression that the last month of 2017 was dull grey and overcast, with quite a lot of rain. It wasn’t completely like that of course, there were some splendid blue skies and sunny days. However, of the 31 days in the month I did record 16 in which some rain fell and the shorter days give an enhanced gloom which can have a very depressing affect on some people. Additionally there were one or two days of very heavy rain which pushed my totals up to nearly 5.1/2 inches, much higher than the same period last year for a similar number of days rain. For a more detailed comparison, Rainfall at Drimpton Cross in December 2017 was 137 mm. (2016 32.5 mm.) or 5.42 inches (2016 1.28 inches). The good news is that we have had the Winter Solstice and the days are getting longer !

Submitted by: Admin       On: 1/1/2018 at: 18:13       Location: Beaminster

Happy New Year

From admin.

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