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Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 2/2/2016 at: 10:37       Location: Drimpton

Rainfall at Drimpton Cross in January 2016

Apology. The previous rainfall figures were wrongly entered. Below was the intended.

184mm.(2015 97.75) OR 7.3 inches (2015 3.88 inches)
Although this January rainfall has been slightly higher than Jan. ’15 I am very sure that the whole country will be praying for a much drier year than 2015, especially those in areas prone to flooding.

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/2/2016 at: 16:51       Location: Drimpton

Rainfall at Drimpton Cross in December 2015

132.75 (2014 32.5} OR 5.27 inches(2014 1.29 Inches)
The rainfall in December '15 clearly shows why it was the highest recorded December rainfall on record ! A drier 2016 ?
We hope so.

Submitted by: Norman       On: 30/1/2016 at: 14:32       Location: Drimpton

A message from Viv Watts on behalf of LIGHT LUNCH LADIES

Viv writes:
"In 2001 I thought it would be a good idea to have a monthly village lunch and approached Jane and Christabel and so the Light Lunch Ladies were born. September 2001 was our very first lunch and in 2005 we had our first themed summer lunch. 2006 saw us win the Dorset Community Award and we then ventured into Christmas lunches as well. Over the years we have had great support from our own village and from many other local areas which has enabled us to raise, on average each year, around £1000 for charities. But all good things come to an end and both Jane and Christabel wish to retire.

But all is not lost as Rosemary Shepherd has offered to help me in the future. We will be called the Village Lunch Ladies and the usual Monthly, Summer and Christmas lunches will continue, albeit they will be on the 3rd WEDNESDAY in the month in order that they will not clash with the Over 60s outings. Soup meals will continue at £3.50 per person.

We would be very grateful to hear from anyone who would be willing to give us some help in making soups etc, probably on a rota system, and to that end we would ask if you could ring either of us to see what would be involved.

The first Village Lunch will be on WEDNESDAY 20th April and we look forward to welcoming old and new friends on that day. Come along and have a nourishing lunch in good company.

Jane, Christabel and I thank you all for your great support over the past years."

LENT LUNCHES (updated) will be on WEDs 10th FEB, 2nd and 23rd MARCH at the Village Hall at 12.30pm

Looking ahead: SUMMER LUNCH is on SUN 5th JUNE

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 24/1/2016 at: 20:30       Location: Drimpton

Rob, our "postie"retires.

Extra chairs were brought from the shed, more tables from the chapel and a mountain of cakes and tasty treats from Drimpton's finest cooks. Another milestone for HM The Queen? A Wembley final for Drimpton FC? No, the retirement of Rob Wrixton, our regular postman for many's a year, after 30 years in the service. Rob's additional 35 years as a fireman provided a good arithmetical conundrum for John Watts, who along with Mel, Tim and Rowland led the tributes on behalf of the community.
Rob was presented with a huge cheque from the Drimpton and District Community Bank, as well as some other gifts and photographs of Drimpton and surrounds through which he had driven and delivered in all seasons and weather conditions. Rob himself, when finally allowed near the microphone, told us that he kept being drawn back to Drimpton, having known Dennis and Gwen for many a year and that he was in the guard of honour at Mel's wedding.
His retirement marks the passing of one of the building blocks of society, someone providing a daily service and contact with every home, and in earlier days time to chat and help through keeping an eye out for us; I remember the day, whilst he was on postal duty, when he put out a fire at the other end of Post Office Yard here - and that on the day which was his last as a fireman.
We were lucky to have had Rob and he will be missed, but he does deserve a long and happy retirement, and never again have to get up at stupid-o'clock, unless he just wishes to do so.

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 22/1/2016 at: 15:08       Location: Crewkerne

Loos at Crewkerne Railway Station

From 'The Spectator' submitted by Nick Hurrell:
Whatever you do, don’t allow your six-year-old to be caught short at Crewkerne station. With the rain pouring and the wind howling, my daughter needed the loo. But it was locked. And no staff anywhere to be seen. So I pressed the ‘Help’ button on one of those machines that have replaced stationmasters. ‘How can I assist you?’ responded a warm South Asian voice. ‘Er, we need someone to open the loo at Crewkerne.’ ‘Where exactly are you?’ she came back, sounding lost. ‘You know, in Dorset, after Yeovil. On the Exeter line. How far away is the help centre?’ I was thinking Bristol, maybe Swindon. ‘Oh, we are in Mumbai,’ she declared. I am left with two thoughts: first, the extraordinary reach of globalisation; and, secondly, the contempt South-West Trains has for its customers if they think they can safely operate platforms in Wessex from Maharashtra.

Comment from: Heskie   On: 24/1/2016 at: 20:13

The next big thing?

What about remote control of the signals or the trains, or perhaps air traffic control, from Maharashtra? When this archive is accessed (from a call centre on Pluto) in 100 years I suppose the irony will be lost.

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 15/1/2016 at: 08:36       Location: Drimpton

Artsreach and the Village Hall - Alaw to Drimpton!

The prospect of three well known wonderful Welsh musicians visiting little Drimpton brought every available chair into use at the village hall, and when prospect turned to performance we were not disappointed. Not just brilliant musicians, which they were, not just speaking in Welsh, which they did, not just tunes from around the world which we heard, but the whole experience of sharing an evening with Alaw was a real treat, thank you to Roger for booking them.
More about Alaw here: www.alaw-band.com
More Artsreach here: www.artsreach.co.uk

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 15/1/2016 at: 08:27       Location: Drimpton

Seeing in the New Year 2016 in and outside the Royal Oak

The pub was packed, Kitty kept up a constant supply of tasty treats and Marcel and helpers kept the tipples flowing.

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 1/1/2016 at: 18:23       Location: Drimpton

Christmas Show with Carols

"Better late than never" is the saying. Well, here at the start of 2016 is a report on the Christmas Show that took place at the Village Hall on December 18th last year. As always villagers came together to have a good time, be entertained and raise money to aid ClicSargent, the charity that provides support and care for children with Cancer and Leukemia and their families. As the money raised was to benefit children it was right that for most of the evening it was village children who did the entertaining, with poems, sketches, readings and, of course, the traditional Nativity Scene. Among the many 'turns', we had a talking donkey, turkey and star and a mini pantomime performed by a group of very reluctant grown-ups. As always the children did themselves proud, and as always some new 'stars' were born. The entertainment, the raffle with its numerous kindly-donated prizes, and the refreshments provided by a team of caterers, all together raised the grand total of £321.13 which has been sent off to ClicSargent. We have never raised so much before and brings a grand total of £2624.47 raised over the years.

Submitted by: andrew       On: 1/1/2016 at: 14:30       Location: Drimpton


message from Michael Rose:
"“A number of villagers have had irreparable damage done to their car tyres and wheels caused by a pothole on the B3162 just outside the village on the Sandpits side. Dorset CC are being pursued for compensation by some villagers, but DCC is refusing to consider it. If you've suffered damage, why not lodge a complaint. They also state the road is inspected each month and that the pothole was recently fixed. We all know the B31262 is actually full of holes which are rarely repaired.”

Submitted by: andrew       On: 1/1/2016 at: 14:29       Location: Drimpton, Netherhay

extracts from newsletter for january

Happy New Year to Everybody! The ultra mild weather continues and rain falls - again - as I upload this...

Artsreach and Drimpton Village Hall present

“A top folk band led by one hell of an accordion player” Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2.
on FRIDAY 8th JANUARY at 7.30pm at the Village Hall

‘Alaw’ is Welsh for melody, and it is a love of melody that is at the heart of this talented trio. Drawing on a great wealth of musical experiences Alaw take their audiences on a musical journey from India to Wales (and other places, too.)
Come & join them on that journey when we have the privilege of hosting them.
Definitely not to be missed!…….Look ALAW up at www.alaw-band.com
Bar & Refreshments
Tickets £8 adults, £6 under-18s, £25 family (max 2 adults) Contact Roger Smith

FRI 8th JAN: TEN PIN BOWLNG at Freshwater, please be at the Hall ready to leave for 6:30pm
FRI 22nd JAN: FILM NIGHT, if you have any ideas on a film speak to John Lock.

Philippe Falardeau’s heartfelt account of children fleeing civil war in southern Sudan and arriving as displaced adults in America is raised shoulder high by a cast many of whom have first-hand experience of the tribulations of the so-called “Lost Boys”.

Q U I Z and F O O D E V E N I N G
at the Village Hall at 7.00 for 7.15pm
Teams of 4
Cost: £2.50 per person (including 1st Pudding) – extra puds at 50p
Savoury Tasters 3 for £1.00
Everyone is Welcome

WED 13th JAN: LIGHT LUNCH at the Village Hall from 12.30pm
Home made soups with cheeseboard served in a friendly atmosphere. £3.50. Extra soups at 50p. Everyone is welcome.

SINGING in 2016 – message from Andrew Pastor
“For Everyone who joined in the singing last winter and for Everyone who fancies starting singing this time, you are ALL invited to come along to join in 8 sessions led by JONATHAN & SALLY JEVONS, starting on THURSDAY 21st JANUARY and running through till THURSDAY 17th MARCH (with no session on FEB 18th, which is half-term).
Each session will be from 7.30 to 8.30pm at THE CHAPEL. Total cost for the 8 sessions: £27.50.
Be warned: Singing makes you feel good!
Turn up at the first session and enrol.”
For more details contact Andrew

Please send entries for the 2016 edition of the Village Calendar to Mike Saunders - mike.g.saunders@btinternet.com by 10th January.

Rob The Postman is soon to retire. Having served this village for years, I thought it would be good to send him off with a thank you gift and best wishes for his happy retirement. Many villagers agree. So if you would like to donate I am holding a box at my house for any contributions to purchase a gift for him. There is also a card to sign at 14 MARKSMEAD (the green painted house by the bollards)

AND THEN the presentation to ROB will take place at
on SATURDAY 23rd JANUARY from 10.00am to 12.00pm
when villagers can say 'thank you' and farewell.
Of course there will be the usual great coffee and lovely home made cakes.

PUB NEWS – from Marcel and Kitty
“We hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Here are dates to note:
1st JAN - New Years Day, open from 6pm (kitchen closed)
2nd JAN until 22nd MARCH (Easter) a temporary change in opening hours: we will be closed during lunch on weekdays. So open Tue to Fri 6pm – 11pm; Sat to Sun 12 noon - 11pm.
TUES 5th JAN - MUSIC NIGHT (session)
SAT 16th JAN – LIVE MUSIC : Ansell & Gretel, duo playing acoustic folky pop covers
SAT 30th JAN – LIVE MUSIC: Jeffers 'n Jon, Country & Western
Finally we are going to re-develop the pub's garden this winter / spring. Quite a massive undertaking which is virtually impossible for us to do on our own, so we are looking for volunteers... please.

DEFIBRILLATOR: Message from Roger Smith….“Can I thank those clubs and organisations in the village who gave donations towards the new Defibrillator. It has now arrived. We are now waiting for the cabinet it will go in which will be fixed to the wall on the right of the ramp going up to the car park. At the December coffee morning Martin showed how to carry out CPR and use the defibrillator. If you'd like to borrow the DVD and an Annie to practice at home, please call Martin to arrange the loan.”

PARISH COUNCIL NEWS: Message from the Chairman
“Broadwindsor Group Community Land Trust Steering group will start work on 7th January. The steering group has 11 volunteers (6 from Broadwindsor and 5 from Drimpton). We wish them well.”

FIRST AID COURSE? - message from Steve Chubb: “Is anyone interested in a First Aid Course? We are aiming to run an approved course over two nights possibly in the Village Hall in either January or February. The course will cover all types of first aid and you will get a certificate which will last for 3 years, Cost is around £60 per person, but maybe cheaper if more people attend. Please call Steve for more details.”

9th A N N U A L P O T A T O D A Y
10:30am to 2:30pm at the VILLAGE HALL

Plenty of Potatoes, food and fun, with heritage flower and vegetable seeds, plants, fruit bushes & trees, advice and tips.
PLUS All-day brunches, lunches and cakes and warning drinks
Creative activities for children + enrolment for the Potato Growing Competition

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