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Submitted by: andrew       On: 11/3/2017 at: 19:56       Location: Drimpton, Netherhay

Community Land Trust Update

COMMUNITY LAND TRUST UPDATE: Information from site surveys made in February will inform the initial layout design sketches by Trewin Design Architects and form the basis for discussions with Planning and Highways Departments at Dorset County Partnerships.The CLT’s engineering consultant has had initial discussions with Highways Department, who have indicated that they do not wish to have a pavement installed on Netherhay Lane.
The CLT has highlighted sewerage problems in Drimpton. Our preferred option would be to install an on-site sewerage system, which would not impact on the mains sewer.
Dorset Councils Partnership is collating Housing Need information for the Broadwindsor Group Parish area. The DCP Housing Enabling Officer and Yarlington Housing Group will be available at a ‘clinic’ hosted by BGP CLT to respond to questions about the Housing Register, tenancy, and shared ownership. The CLT, along with Yarlington Housing Group, is developing a housing Allocation Plan, covering priorities and definitions of ‘local connections’.
An example of another rural CLT project in Devon (Christow CLT) is available at http://wessexca.co.uk/video-christow-clts-project-teign-housing/ .
For more detailed information visit the BGP CLT website at www.broadwindsorgroupparishclt.org

Submitted by: andrew       On: 11/3/2017 at: 19:54       Location: Drimpton, Netherhay

extracts from newsletter for March

On FRIDAY MARCH 10th at the VILLAGE HALL at 6.00pm
we have an ARTSREACH event
a fantastic night of Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic

See separate flyer for ALL THE DETAILS!
HALL REFURBISHMENT– “The repainting of the Hall is complete. Many thanks to all the Volunteers who gave their time and talents to achieve this. Thanks to Roger Smith and John Wright who did all the initial preparation work; to those who attended the Garden Club AGM and who helped to move furniture; to Ken Banks, Norman Marsden and Diana Leake who did the painting; and finally the group of 7 of us who cleared, cleaned and put everything back together again – Ken and Norman, David Glossop, John and Lynwen Davies and Bob Shepherd who has kept his expertise with a duster and a can of spray polish hidden for 40 years! A message from our painters – BLU TAC (or similar) IS BANNED FROM THE HALL!” (It rips the paint off.)”On behalf of the Trustees, my sincerest thanks. Rosemary.”

MONDAY, 6TH MARCH 6.30 for 7.00
Everyone will be welcome at the Village Hall from 6.30 to enjoy a glass of wine with the Committee prior to the Meeting when reports on the past year will be presented and a new Committee elected. There are vacancies to be filled. If you would like to join this dedicated and hard working group, please come along and offer your services. For more details contact Rosemary. Minutes of the AGM of 2016 are displayed inside the Village Hall, on the website and Drimpton Facebook Page.

The Annual Meeting is open to everyone so please come along and hear about the activities of your parish church in 2016 and plans for 2017. This is your chance to ask questions and make suggestions.

YOUTH CLUB FILM NIGHT in the Village Hall from 6.30pm on FRIDAY MARCH 24th

Message from Neville Adams: “The Lent Course this year is titled ‘Receiving Christ. ’ This will be a discussion-led course which examines the way we can all build up a personal relationship with God, not only because we are his creation and he loves us in spite of our failings, but by carrying out the teaching of Jesus Christ. The five-week course begins on TUES MARCH 14th 2017 at Venton, 34 Chard Road, starting at 7.30pm, and finishing at 9pm. Do come and join the group even if it is just out of interest, you will be most welcome.”

LENT LUNCH at the Village Hall
WED 15th MARCH at 12.30pm
Choice of four soups + Cheese table….Raffle & 100 Club Draw
Proceeds for St Mary’s Church….Raffle in support of Dorset County Hospital Charity Cancer Appeal

WED MAR 15th MARCH: HORT SOC. 7.15 for 7.30pm at the Village Hall.  
‘The Development of the Bishop’s Palace, Wells’. James Cross, Head Gardener at the Bishop’s Palace, will be talking about the development of the garden, described as achieving “outstanding and exceptionally high standards of planting and design”. Non-members welcome.

FILM CLUB: WED MARCH 8th at 7.00 for 7.30pm - ‘OUR KIND OF TRAITOR’ (2016) starring Ewan MacGregor, Naomi Harris, Damian Lewis.
Based on a John Le Carre novel. A couple finds themselves lured into a Russian oligarch's plans to defect, and are soon positioned between the Russian Mafia and the British Secret Service, neither of whom they can trust with the truth.

Temporary membership £4 per film. Hot drinks, beer and wine available from 7.00pm with the film starting at 7.30pm.

The ROYAL OAK-YOUR VILLAGE PUB – message from John & Sue Donaghue
WORLD’S BIGGEST PUBAID QUIZ in support of prostate cancer funding. SUNDAY 12th. MARCH @ 8.00pm.sharp. Please book your table in advance-ring 01308867930 or mail through our website.
FRIDAY MARCH 17th. St PATRICK’S DAY CELEBRATIONS; Spuds Bacon & Cabbage on sale from 5.00pm to 7.30pm.Ceoil agus Craic all evening with music from Peter Howell.
Plenty of other live entertainment coming up-visit us on Facebook or website all at royaloakedrimpton. SATURDAY 4th MARCH: Live music from JEFFERS & JON [or one of them anyway. Which one?]
PIZZA OVEN [2 now actually] up and running. Great feedback from all that have tried one. Ideal while watching Six Nations Rugby. Pizzas are Eat-In or Take Away and available every day. Plus Indian Thurs. and Fishy Fridays.
Finally, we’d like to thank you for supporting the pub so well in our first 3 months in tenancy.

SATURDAY, 25th MARCH 10.30 – 12.00
Come along for Coffee, Cake, Bacon Baps and friendly chat and all in our newly painted Hall.

MOTHERING SUNDAY - 26th MARCH 10am at Netherhay Chapel.  Starting with coffee, this will be an informal service for all ages, where St. Mary's church and the Chapel will be joining to celebrate mothers!

TELEPHONE BOX UPDATE: message from Steve Chubb: “Three villagers have come forward to look after the box with the idea of a book swap. We are now awaiting confirmation from BT on further progress.”
at the Village Hall on SATURDAY APRIL 1st from 7.30pm
With Bar & finger food Buffet
£5 per person to include your first drink

Come along, but make sure you don’t fall at the first fence!
Tickets: contact Tim Bassett or Steve Chubb

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 3/3/2017 at: 11:56       Location: Drimpton

February '17 weather

Since the beginning of the new year our weather pattern has changed very little, so it’s not surprising that it is hard to find anything of real note ! We have had our cold spells, but it has remained mainly mild. On one day in February we came close to achieving a new record for the warmest February temperature on a single day, (Over 18C.) but just missed it by a whisker. Comparison with last year shows that it has been very dry once again, with only 45mm. or 1.78 inches of rain recorded by me, compared to 109.25mm. or 4.32 inches of rain in 2016, quite a big difference. Just to blow away the old year, we have had Storm ‘Doris’ towards the end of the month with some damage in many parts of the Country and sadly one fatality. We were more fortunate here in the South. The flowers are now blooming and it’s Spring

Submitted by: Centaur       On: 13/2/2017 at: 22:25       Location: Forde Abbey

February Sunshine

Beautiful afternoon at Forde Abbey, snowdrops aplenty border to border sunshine clear blue skies, couldn't be better. Take a look.

Click on a thumbnail to view the photograph. Click on the photograph when finished.

Submitted by: Norman       On: 8/2/2017 at: 14:12       Location: Drimpton

Kath Taylor r.i.p.

A tribute by Richard Heal at Kath's funeral on 7th February
Kath (Harrison) was born on 23rd Sept. 1920 in a cottage opposite the school in Drimpton which she later attended at the cost of one penny a day. Kath had poor health as a child and missed quite a lot of schooling.
When she left school she went into service for Lady Gibbon at Greenham Court. It wasn't her first choice but her dad thought she would be safe and be looked after. Kath loved dancing and often climbed out of the window to meet George and cycle to the local dances.
She later worked at Merriot Moulding, making munitions, a job she really enjoyed. She cycled from Drimpton to Merriot, did a days work, then cycle home and if there was a dance in the area she'd hop on her bike and dance the night away.
In 1938 Kath moved to No 1 Spearmead with her parents. This was to be her home for almost 79 Years. You can see she was well travelled!
Kath and George were married in 1942.
Jean arrived in 1943, followed by Judith in 1945, Elizabeth in 1951 and in 1955 Richard completed the family.
Kath loved being a mum and being skilled with the needle and made most of the clothes for the children.
She was very particular about the way she dressed, the right shoes were very important. Trainers a definite no-no.
Holidays were spent camping under canvas until one year, at Goodrington, they were washed out and came home early. After that experience they played it safe and stayed in caravans.
George died in 1992.
As well as dancing Kath enjoyed playing whist, still playing at 90. Shopping was also one of her favourite pastimes. Especially lunch at Morrisons in Yeovil. In fact she just loved to be out somewhere, anywhere even if the location or occasion was not her cup of tea.
Netherhay chapel was very close to Kath's heart where, until recent years, she regularly attended and in the early years was involved in various activities such as drama and a choir. Being unable to attend services Kath maintained a keen interest in what was going on at chapel.
In paying tribute to their parents the family said that they, the youngsters were always encouraged to be themselves, never pressurised to conform. When decisions had to be made the pros and cons of the situation were discussed and the youngster had the last word. The children always felt that they were always supported. For which they were very thankful.

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Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 2/2/2017 at: 11:45       Location: Drimpton

Rainfall in January 2017

We opened the new year very much as the old one left us, dry, mild, and very little frost and I started wondering if there was anything to comment upon. However, our climate doesn’t continue without change for very long and we have had some really cold weather with some quite hard frosts, hopefully reducing the numbers of nasties that I had mentioned (Green and Black fly), when Spring finally arrives. Even the water companies have expressed concerns that reservoirs are lower than expected for this time of year. And so, even that concern has been answered in the last few days of the month with some very heavy rainfall. In these few days we have had approximately 2 inches of rain. So there you have it, we can keep on moaning about the weather in our time-honoured way !
133.5 mm. (2016 184 mm) OR 5.27 inches (2016 7.27 inches)

Submitted by: Norman       On: 27/1/2017 at: 16:04       Location: Drimpton

Robin Eaton r.i.p.

The following is a transcript from the service sheet at the funeral of Robin Eaton on Tuesday 24th January. Since it is addressed to everyone in Drimpton (and beyond) Helly has kindly given permission for the letter to be reproduced in the village archive.

A message from Robin...
And so you may have gathered that I am only here in spirit with you today, having written this before I start my journey to the next place. Although this list of people and memories may not be totally comprehensive and I apologise if I've left anyone out, it is the best I can do after a long, magical and speedy life in the fast lane.
My love and thanks go out to all the following people: my beautiful wife Helly, my sister Lynne and her fantastically practical husband Phil (thank you for all your help over the years), the amazing Rebecca and CK and their partners, my `brother-from-another-mother' Mark, with whom all my conversations have been both warm and illuminating, also Anne and Steve, Jan and Colin and all their brilliant boys and girls (thank you so much for all your support and for making me feel so welcome into the family). Special mention also to Yvie and Paul and to all my ex-Cuckfield friends and neighbours, a big thank you for all the love, and to our witnesses at our wedding Andy and Jane, and all those wonderful Thai meals we shared, every one of them fabulous, even in that grotty pub. Also to Trisha and Margaret, Corinne, Carol, Anna, all our lovely south-east buddies and the gang from Oriel school.
To all my personal friends who always gave me love without condition, I salute you: Bee, Simon, Brett, Anthony, Peter, Linda, Pete, Sue — the finest friends a man could have. I look back to those heady days of the 70s and 80s when I was managing Rock Dreams and would like to thank with a happy heart all my staff, customers and anyone who ever ventured near our shops for giving me an overpaid hobby that filled my life with such joy and also allowed me to go to hundreds of the greatest gigs ever seen in London (and yes, I was there at the Rainbow on that Sunday afternoon when Little Feat blew The Doobie Brothers off the stage, and also saw Jimi Hendrix do the same to The Who at the Saville Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue).
And finally, we moved here to Drimpton in July 2014 and stepped right into the heart of a proper community that accepted us wholeheartedly and without question. Our wonderful dog Freya immediately became part of the walking elite of the village and we were soon partaking in all the foodie delights round which our village's social life is seemingly built (Rosemary, thank you for the bacon butties and everyone for all the delicious bakes).
Since becoming ill, I can genuinely say I have been overwhelmed by the support and caring from practically everyone in the village and it has really helped me get through some of the darker days. So a big thank you to all the following: John, Pat, Martin, Julie, Mel, Maurice, Diana, Alyson, Jenny, Eddy, Molly, Deirdre, Derek, Denis, Rosanna, Gina, George, Viv, John, Christabel, Terry (for the best eggs), Norman, Jane, Neville, Anna, Ann, Jim, Alan, Janice, Peter, Joyce, Roger, Linda, David, Rae, Mary, Dermott and everyone. Thank you people, you've really helped.
And now I think you should go and have a drink and sandwich and celebrate because I'm in a happier place now.
Thank you...

Submitted by: andrew       On: 22/1/2017 at: 10:06       Location: General

Neighbourhood Plan

NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN UPDATE - A full description of the results of questionnaire, with graphs, will be posted online at broadwindsorgroup.gov.uk/community/neighbourhood-plan. Look out on the Drimpton and Broadwindsor Facebook pages, too. (see broadwindsornp@gmail.com)
Key points included:
Dissatisfaction with both parking and safety for cyclists and walkers
Managing speed and weight or size of vehicles
Clear support for increasing the number of passing places, but not increased street lighting
Protecting existing employment sites, allowing conversion of existing buildings to employment use and encouraging home working
A variety of suggestions for housing, particularly affordable housing for local, young people, and improving infrastructure. There was clear opposition to having larger development sites, but having more sites with fewer houses was supported. 
Young people had their say - 20 questionnaires carried comments in the section for young people. More than half dealt with the provision of play and recreation facilities, including making them appropriate to different age groups, so that, for example, younger children did not feel intimidated playing in areas used by older children.

Submitted by: andrew       On: 22/1/2017 at: 10:05       Location: Drimpton, Netherhay

extracts from newsletter for January

CHRISTMAS SHOW – 100 villagers , there or thereabouts, came together at the Village Hall to be entertained by friends, families and neighbours doing ‘turns’. Some of the sheep tried to take over the Nativity! And then there were sketches and readings, plus a remarkable panto tale from Peter (who is already booked in for a return performance next December!) It was a great evening bringing us all together in a way that is very special. The result was loads of FUN plus raising the magnificent sum of £396.26 – a show record! This has been sent off to ClicSargent – to help children with cancer and their families.
Carols Round the Village 2016 Around 20 volunteers assembled at Marksmead bollards on the19th Dec. Spirits were lifted by Mel and Maurice serving mulled wine & soft drinks. There were not enough singers to split into two groups. We set off through Marksmead, with children knocking on doors as the choir sang ably led by Jonathan Jevons on trumpet. Moving on through Netherhay with more refreshments, then to Drimpton Cross, Chard Road, Spearmead, Oxhayes, finishing off at Applefield Road. After 2 ½ hours the singers retired to the Village Hall for hot chocolate and cakes kindly supplied by Rosemary. Apologies to residents of Bridport Road and Crewkerne Road, there was not enough time to include you all. £180.90 was raised and was shared equally between two charities; Shelter – The National Campaign for Homeless People, and Crisis at Christmas for the Homeless. Many thanks to all villagers who donated and helped.
Many thanks to Steve and Brian who have set up a FACEBOOK presence for the Village, mainly so that events, dates and activities can easily be shared to add to the coverage provided by the website and the newsletter. You do not need be signed up to Facebook in order to visit and view. Go to:
https://www.facebook.com/Drimpton-552331584959033/ ***************************************************************************************
YOUTH CLUB in the Village Hall - A big welcome to 2017 from the Youth Club.
FRIDAY 13th GAMES NIGHT…. FRIDAY 27th FILM NIGHT… Start time is 6:30pm
TUESDAY 10th JANUARY from 2.00 to 4.00pm at the Village Hall
Are you new to the village or a long-time resident who fancies a go at SHORT MAT BOWLS?
Why not come along to FREE Taster Session - You will have an afternoon of Bowls with a lot of fun with Tea & Cake in the interval at this very social session.
Florence Foster Jenkins - a New York society lady who thought that she could sing like a diva - but she couldn't! Because she knew how to throw a party, her adoring friends encouraged her, provided that they were still on her guest list. If you really must, you can buy records of her "singing"!
WED 18th JAN: VILLAGE LUNCH at the Village Hall from 12.30pm @ £3.50
The first Village Lunch of the New Year will be a traditional Light Lunch of Soups, Cheese and Biscuits, Tea and Coffee as there will be more food and lots of Puddings in the evening at the Quiz Evening! (See below).

Q U I Z and F O O D E V E N I N G
at the Village Hall at 7.00 for 7.15pm
Teams of 4
Cost: £3.00 per person (including 1st Pudding) – extra puds at 50p
Savoury Tasters 3 for £1.00
Everyone is Welcome – to book a table call Rosemary
On SATURDAY 28th JANUARY from 1030am to 12.00pm
Coffee, Cakes and bacon baps and good company. Offers of cake-baking and/or help on the day would be most appreciated. Please call Rosemary
Classes for All the Family are now being held in the Village Hall on Sunday Mornings from 10.00am – 11.00am from 8th January. Free trial classes are available. More details about Tae Kwon-Do can be found on the Association’s website www.TargetTAGB.co.uk . For further information about the Drimpton Classes phone 07816 156875.

10th A N N U A L P O T A T O D A Y
10:30am to 2:30pm at the VILLAGE HALL

Plenty of Potatoes, food and fun, with heritage flower and vegetable seeds, plants, fruit bushes & trees, Dahlias and Gladioli, advice and tips.
PLUS All-day brunches, lunches and cakes and warning drinks
Creative activities for children + enrolment for the Potato Growing Competition

All are welcome, experienced gardeners, allotment veterans, those who have never grown a vegetable in their lives, come and talk to the experts, plenty of advice available

This Year Dorset Wildlife Trust will also be there with plenty of suggestions on how we can make our gardens attractive to wildlife.
DOG MESS – from Shirley Gibbs
“I don't have a dog and was disgusted to find somebody had put a bag of dog mess in MY bin. This is the first time this has happened and I hope it will never happen again.”

Submitted by: Admin       On: 1/1/2017 at: 12:20       Location: Beaminster

Just testing

Happy New Year Drimpton.
Also - just making sure that the 2017 Open Archive page is working properly.

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