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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 23/2/2011 at: 20:28       Location: Drimpton

The 4th Annual Potato Day

On Saturday 12th February the Clapton, Wayford and District Horticultural Society held its 4th Annual Potato Day, in Drimpton Village Hall.
When we started this event, it was to help gardeners in this area to have access to a good variety of certified seed potatoes, and also make it an enjoyable visit with some refreshments and fun for children too. The Potatoes are supplied by Pennard Nursery in Somerset, and a plant stall is run by Picket Lane Nursery, also in Somerset.
This year we had visitors from both near and far, here is a sample:
Crewkerne; Colyton; Bridport; Maiden Newton; Sturminster Marshall; Winsham; Thorncombe; Blandford Forum; Somerton; Burton Bradstock; Bristol (after reading an article about Potato Days in the national Daily Telegraph); Beaminster; Broadwindsor; Toller Porcorum and Lyme Regis.
There were about 100 varieties of Potato available, from which could be selected single tubers to see how they might grow, up to a sack-full if someone was planting a whole allotment with one variety.
There was also opportunity, which 45 people took, to enter the Potato Growing Competition, with a seed potato given by Pennard Nursery (this year the variety being Casablanca) and instructions on how to grow it. Contestants, of all ages then bring back their growing containers to our Summer Show in August to have the contents tipped out and the potatoes weighed, the bonus being they may then take them home and eat them. There is a prize both for the heaviest crop grown by an adult and also the heaviest by a young person. There was much discussion of cultivation methods, secrets and plans for success - some may have been double bluffs.
The team of volunteers who make the event possible included car park attendants, kept very busy in the morning, with cars queueing for access; the kitchen staff providing drinks, brunches, lunches and cakes; helpers to provide potato printing and potato model-making available for children – of all ages; and even a stall to help collect materials for the Beaminster Technology School Community Allotment project.

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Submitted by: Jane       On: 23/2/2011 at: 14:57       Location: Drimpton

Light Lunch

Last Wednesday saw the monthly Light Lunch taking place in the hall, the profits from which are given to charity. The event is advertised as starting at 12.30 but as usual people began to arrive at 12, the event is as much a social gathering for the 42 people who came to savour the home made soup. There were 4 soups on offer 1) chicken and vegetable, 2) tomato, lentil and bacon, 3) spicy parsnip and 4) broccoli and stilton.

Submitted by: Norman       On: 16/2/2011 at: 19:16       Location: Drimpton

Potato Day

Maybe a strange title for an event but February is the time to get your seed potatoes. The Garden Club organised the Fourth Annual Potato Day, a friendly useful event, organised by gardeners for gardeners, with over 60 varieties of Seed Potatoes for sale, by the tuber or in bags, with information on each one.
Not only spuds but Heritage Vegetable seeds, Garlic, Onion and Shallot sets, herbs, fruit bushes, rhubarb and more.
The morning opening saw the Village Hall full to capacity and visitors kept coming right up to closing time.
Of course no Drimpton event would be complete without delicious food prepared by Rosemary and her team - see the pictures!

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 16/2/2011 at: 14:05       Location: Greenham

A walk

I've just got home after doing one of the village 'loops' - along Burstock Lane, then down to Childhay before crossing the fields to Greenham and back to Drimpton. It's a walk I do a lot. Today, on a cloudy dull afternoon, as I was coming into Pond Field, heading towards Greenham Yard, a large grey heron flapped up from the marshy land where the old mill pond used to be. It heaved itself up into the air with no real hurry, and then as it passed the tree tops a deer came into the field from Lower Greenham land. It tip-toed through the reeds and hummocky grass quite unaware that I was there. Once it reached the old pond bank it headed along it getting ever nearer to where I was standing. Needless to say I didn't move. Then it left the bank and made for the standing water in the marshy area. Finally, when it was only about 10metres away from me it stopped and fixed me with its stare. We held each other's eyes before it decided that I was of no interest and moved away....

Submitted by: Jane       On: 7/2/2011 at: 09:39       Location: Drimpton

It's not fair

The wind's up and the rain's coming down and my holiday in the sun has been cancelled and as children say ‘it’s not fair’. We were off to Egypt for sunshine and to see the pyramids, ancient tombs , temples and float along the Nile, and what happens? There’s civil unrest, demonstrations, uprising , freedom fighting helped along by the extreme Muslim factions. Well, that’s what the newspapers say. Me I’ll wait to see what the history books make of it all.

Submitted by: Jane       On: 7/2/2011 at: 09:37       Location: Drimpton

Builders at work

Drimpton is showing signs of builders at work. There’s scaffolding up in Applefield. Gossip says when the houses were built they used reclaimed roofing tiles and less than 12 years on and they are showing they were sub standard as well and are now in need of replacing. The large scale alterations to 14 Chard Road surely must be coming to an end, on the outside at least. And work has started on the extension to 26 Chard Rd. The external alterations to 1 Box Terrace seem to be finished, and bathroom and kitchen fitters have been seen at several houses and of course there are the usual 3 or 4 houses up for sale.

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 2/2/2011 at: 12:21       Location: Drimpton

Garden Bird Watch

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds arranges an annual garden bird watch, even publishing a handy identification chart to help record sightings. The R.S.P.B. is then able to collate all the results and produce an annual census of bird numbers. So much for theory, do the birds know this is going on and rush off to some area previously devoid of birds on the counting weekend, or is it a double bluff, that they fly and hide, get us humans worried when the results come in, and put out even more feeders?
For the record we had. Blue Tit x1, Carrion Crow x1, Chaffinch x2, Dunnock x2, Goldfinch x1, House Sparrow x8 (thank you sparrows!), Robin x2, Starling x1, Wren x1.
Looking out today, and most other days there are Blackbirds x2, Blue Tit x3, Carrion Crow x5, Chaffinch x4, Coal Tit x3, Collared Dove x1 (unusual, they are more often in pairs), Dunnock x4, Goldfinch x4, Great Tit x3, House Sparrow x10, Long-tailed tits, none at the minute but for a period twice a year about 6, Robin x2, Starling x4, Wren x1.

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/2/2011 at: 15:01       Location: Drimpton

Monthly rainfall

95.75 mm. (99.5mm. in '10) OR 3.8 inches (3.95 inches in '10)

Submitted by: Jane       On: 31/1/2011 at: 16:10       Location: Drimpton


The snowdrops are beginning to bloom and brighten both garden and banks around the village. A walk around the village was decidedly chilly this morning with frost lingering in a number of places especially where water has gathered, e.g. pot holes in Netherhay Lane and Crewkerne Rd.

Submitted by: Jane       On: 31/1/2011 at: 16:06       Location: Drimpton

St Mary's Church

St Mary’s Church event’s committee have met to discuss fund raising events for the church; this year we need to raise £6134 to send to Salisbury Diocese to pay the clergy’s wages and diocesan expenses and £819 to the Team Office towards the clergy’s local expenses, and that is before paying our own church bills and taking on any repair work.

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