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Submitted by: andrew       On: 28/10/2012 at: 22:08       Location: Broadwindsor

Parish Plan Progress Report

Copies of the Progress Report are currently being delivered to all the households in the group of parishes that make up the Broadwindsor Group. Here are the main points:
1. Traffic & Transport
- Large-scale resurfacing has taken place with more to follow. The Parish Council is conducting a parish tour with DCC Highways to identify further areas needing attention, including verges and potholes.
- Slow signs have been introduced on Hollis Hill to cut speeding.
- The Parish Council has made strong representation to DCC Highways for speed reductions particularly outside Broadwindsor Primary School. A public petition could add weight.
- A meeting with farmers is being set up to address issues of mud on road, verge damage, etc.
- A Pressure Group, 'Friends of Common Water Lane', has been set up to deal with problems caused by off-roaders along the lane.
Housing, Planning & Development:
- A local Structure Plan is in preparation.
Broadwindsor has joined the Dorset Community Broadband Forum. Improved broadband is set to be introduced in late 2014 or early 2015.
Environmental Issues:
- A local environmental code is in preparation.
- Plastic recycling is to be introduced to the parish in 2013/14 with the proviosion of household bins.
Public Amenities:
- First Responders has been reprieved with seven new volunteers coming forward for training.
-The Broadwindsopr Community Stores project has raised the necesssary money and obtained a grant from Chalk & Cheese. Lease negotiations continue, now with the owners of the Old Telephone Exchange.
The Parish Planners are now looking for volunteers to help put the plan into action.

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 28/10/2012 at: 20:53       Location: Drimpton

Drimpton Meets, Greets and Eats

Back in March Kate Hesketh and Rosemary Shepherd, on behalf of the Drimpton and Netherhay Ladies' Book Club, asked: 'Do you have a favourite recipe which you would like to see included in a book about renowned Drimpton food and the people who make it?
The result was a resounding YES. With over 90 recipes submitted by more than 40 contributors, illustrated by youth club children and topped off with a striking cover picture from Jenny Beck, Drimpton really pulled it off.
There was nervousness in the Hesketh household awaiting the arrival of the 150 copies from a printer found on the internet by Hall Committee Chairman, Mike Saunders - would the pages be upside down, back to front, or even bound together?
The effect on us, upon first opening a box and seeing the colourful cover and quality of the printed pages was delighted surprise. I think it's fair to say we saw similar responses from the many, many people who filled the coffee morning at the village hall on Saturday and themselves saw the book for the first time.
No doubt their welcome for the book was helped by the table of goodies, all prepared from recipes in the book with the opportunity to taste and try.
Kate says "The thrill for me was seeing how many people bought one, went away to read it while they sampled the food and then came back to buy more! We have already raised £550 but I'm taking orders for further books so that amount will increase - well worth all the hard work!
Yes, orders are being taken - not for the original 150 - can you believe it they sold out straight away - but towards a reprint.
It's official, really: Drimpton Does Food.

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 28/10/2012 at: 20:35       Location: Drimpton

Race Night Picture

No racing event would be complete without its bouncers, sorry doormen, and Friday night in Drimpton was no exception.
The local firm of Saunders, Son & Lock were deployed, though sadly never actually finding the door, due to the magnetic attraction of the bar to their elbows; though the mere sight of them did seem quite successfully to quell even the slightest notion of trouble.

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Submitted by: chubb       On: 28/10/2012 at: 19:57       Location: Drimpton

Horse racing in Drimpton

A great night out at Drimpton village hall on Friday, everyone dressed for the occasion as race night was on the cards. The hall was decked out in a horse theme with hay nets and whips!!.
The new film screen was put to use as a digital race night was staged, people had previously sponsored one of 8 races and each race of 8 horses had been named. The rules were explained and people were encouraged to bid on a horse, people then put from £1.00 to their life savings on a horse and watched as the races unfolded with many a persons money being wasted and for some lucky people a winning ticket meant money in the pot. The noise of people willing their horse on was entertainment in itself. The last race of the night all 8 horses were offered for ownership with a healthy £140 raised which was split £70 to the winner of the winning horse, the other £70 going to the village hall kitchen refurbishment. A great night with many thanks to Francis and Anna for putting on a great night with over £400 raised for the village hall kitchen refurbishment. Cannot wait for another race night in Drimpton

Submitted by: chubb       On: 20/10/2012 at: 21:21       Location: Drimpton

Traffic jam in netherhay lane

Today at around 17:00 driving from Netherhay to drimpton cross we came across a very large cattle lorry blocking the entire road just before the crossroads, no way to pass with just the back of the lorry to view we just stayed there, possibly the driver was lost and was asking for directions. You could see the breath of the animals inside blowing out the sides of the truck and it was moving side to side so even the animals were becoming impatient. Just then the driver climbed into his cab and away it went, and there on the other side of the crossroads was Mrs Roberts, the driver tooted his horn as he passed by and Mrs Roberts waved, it looks like the traffic jam was caused by Mrs Roberts on her daily walk blocking the road, the driver had stopped and kindly saw her across the road.
At 104 years of age and still managing to take a daily walk it was a traffic jam i did not mind being in, thanks to the lorry driver for stopping and helping a lady across the road.

Submitted by: School       On: 18/10/2012 at: 14:28       Location: Broadwindsor


After a summer break with the now expected mixed weather, we have returned to school refreshed and ready for a busy year. Our school website is a wonderful place to visit to see what we have been doing and the achievements of our children. I would recommend anyone to take a look on a regular basis - www.broadwindsor.dorset.sch.uk

Total pupil numbers for this year are 88 including 12 children who have started in our Reception class and 4 others in older year groups.

We will be holding our Open Morning on Tuesday 13th November from 9.00am – 11.30am. when existing parents, friends of the school and those looking for places for Reception in September 2013 can come and see us in action. We’ll be starting with our usual Tuesday morning assembly so please do join us if you can.

We had a wonderful Harvest Festival service in the church on the 5th October. Donations of produce were carried up to the church by all the children, and the following Monday our Jane Austen class delivered the food to residents of Fullers. The church was full of parents, family and friends of the school. It was a lovely sight.

Thomas Hardy class will be visiting Portland Castle later in October and Jane Austen class have visitors coming in from the Mary Rose Trust. Before we know it, it will be Christmas time with a whole school trip to a show at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil to look forward to. But I know in the meantime, we will be fitting in many more exciting experiences for the children.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: School       On: 18/10/2012 at: 14:27       Location: Broadwindsor


We come to the end of another school year when pupils have worked hard, experienced new things, had visitors into school and ventured out of school too, to be inspired and motivated.

The Olympics has featured strongly in our work with visitors from Olympic athletes, Olympic sports days and a visit planned to the Paralympics in September. Diamond Jubilee celebrations also featured during the year with our very own ‘street’ party enjoyed by all the children.

We say goodbye to 13 Year 6 pupils who go on to 4 different schools this year – Beaminster, Colyton, Colfox and Woodroffe. And we say hello to 13 new Reception children in September.

Friday 20th July 11.00am Leavers Service and break up for summer holidays.
1st day of term – Thursday 6th September.

Submitted by: School       On: 18/10/2012 at: 14:26       Location: Broadwindsor


A Diamond Jubilee Street Party was enjoyed by all the school on Wednesday 30th May – bunting, flags and Jubilee-themed plates and cups all helped to make the occasion something to remember. Pupils made their own crowns, which all looked fantastic, and sang songs. A great time had by pupils and staff alike.

The Yr 4 residential trip to Bristol was a great success. The children thoroughly enjoyed all their activities and in the process made new friends with pupils from the other schools.

The Year 6 pupils have their residential trip to look forward to in early July when they will be spending 4 days based in Medway where the plans include a visit to the Olympic Park and watching the hit musical Matilda. This annual trip for the Year 6s is an event which is very much looked forward to and is one of the last things they will do together as a class before going on to their Secondary schools in September.

Other visits outside of school to enrich curriculum teaching will have taken place in June– William Barnes class will visit the Lighthouse Theatre, Poole to watch a Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra concert and then they will take part in a mini BSO workshop and concert at Beaminster Church. Thomas Hardy class will visit the Kingcombe Centre to look at minibeasts and go pond dipping.

Always a packed Summer Term and a bit more to come in July.

Nigel Arnold

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 12/10/2012 at: 11:36       Location: Drimpton

Drimpton Telephone Box photographs

Pictures to go with the previous entry.

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Submitted by: Heskie       On: 12/10/2012 at: 11:27       Location: Drimpton

Drimpton Telephone Kiosk

The K6 Red Telephone Box was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in 1935 to coincide with the Jubilee of King George V, after which the pot of P.O. pillar box red paint, destined to refresh ours seems to have got lost, though not, it transpires, for ever.
On a rain drenched day, I met a fellow Scouser (well, a real one from Liverpool, not my watered-down variety from Wirral) diligently priming, undercoating and finishing, in finest red, with gold crown trim, our very own phone box.
After he'd asked how long I'd lived down here I returned the question, presuming that he was a local contractor, but not at all. He travels the country, sometimes with a partner to decorate phone boxes. He was concerned at me taking a photograph while he still had undercoat showing, explaining that he recently had a very irate man complain that he refuse to have a pink telephone box outside his house!
There's more: working on a phone box, in a remote location, at a crossroads in Scotland, whilst just applying the last strokes of red gloss, a chap stopped and asked if it was a new phone box. The painter asked if he was local? "Yes, lived here 30 years" was the response, well it's been here at least that long, our man with the brush informed him.

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