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Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/9/2012 at: 10:36       Location: Drimpton

August rainfall

165.25 mm.(2011 81.5mm.) OR 6.5 inches (2011 3.2 inches)

As noted above, August only received the accolade of wettest for 100 years, and not that of wettest on record. Apparently that was due to the August of 1912 being a few millimetres wetter. I don’t think too many of us will be pleased about that ! Looking at the month overall, we had three heavy periods of rain.
The 15th. & 16th. 2 inches, the 24th. & 25th. 1.5 inches, and in the three days of the 27th.28th.& 29th. just under 2 inches. An Indian Summer ? Let’s hope so, but don’t hold your breath.

Submitted by: Barbarella       On: 21/8/2012 at: 19:00       Location: Drimpton

Flower Show 2012 again

More visitor comments:

Incredible displays of excellent standard.

A delightful array of exhibits… and organisers!

Amazing displays in all categories – would hold their own in any county show, wonderful afternoon.

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Submitted by: Barbarella       On: 21/8/2012 at: 18:53       Location: Drimpton

Flower Show 2012

Some visitor comments on this years show:
A very high standard all round. The sweet peas smell wonderful

Excellent show considering our summer! Well done everyone

Excellent show – can’t wait till next year!

A lovely friendly atmosphere.

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Submitted by: chubb       On: 13/8/2012 at: 12:01       Location: Greenham

Hay making in August

With all the rain this year the hay making of pond field in Greenham which takes place normally in May/July had to be done in August, a 3 day gap in the weather meant frantic activities to get the hay cut / turned/ baled and stored before the rain came again, luckily we managed to get the above done and with the last bales stored it started to rain again. The grass was passed it's best and gone to seed but getting it done without being rained on did make it a bit better. The little red tractor was filled with diesel and away it went cutting and turning, a bigger red tractor helped with the baling of the hay. 128 bales were made so should keep the horses happy over winter, who knows we may get sunshine in the winter!!!

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Submitted by: chubb       On: 10/8/2012 at: 21:41       Location: Drimpton

Drimpton summer dance photos

Here are some of the people who enjoyed themselves at the summer dance , more info on next entry

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Submitted by: chubb       On: 10/8/2012 at: 21:26       Location: Drimpton

Drimpton village hall summer dance 14/07/12

The fun day committee decided to move the summer dance from the evening of the fun day forward which is what happened on the 14th July, sadly tickets for 120 people did not happen with around 70 sold, at one stage the evening was nearly cancelled due to lack of support, i am sure if you are reading this in years to come and find it hard to get people to partake or help with your event then it is no different to us in 2012, you need to knock on doors and nearly drag people out to enjoy themselves.
Happily those that did turn out had a great time as the photos show, fine food and great entertainment from the band Fat Marrow Blues.
The marquee used for the seating of food was decorated so well by Carol, the food was also excellent, a great evening

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 5/8/2012 at: 09:47       Location: Drimpton

Super Saturday at the Olympics

Where were you on Saturday 4th August? I was glued to my TV for hours at a time watching in amazement as gold medals were being won by rowers, cyclists, runners and a jumper. And I urged them on. I cheered. I sweated. I could not believe it was really happening. I wasn't there, but I shall not forget the sense of wonder and....the noise!

Submitted by: andrew       On: 5/8/2012 at: 09:35       Location: Drimpton

extracts from village newsletter for August

Report on Car Treasure Hunt: message from Tracey Fooks, Village Hall Treasurer
“12 cars competed in the Car Treasure Hunt and fun was had by all. The winners, the Morley Family, won because they had the largest oak leaf. (You had to be there!) £140 was raised for Village Hall funds.”

A “Thank You” from St Mary’s Church - St Mary’s PCC wishes to thank everyone who supported the very successful Flower Festival and Gift Day this year – the flower arrangers who so beautifully decorated the Church to reflect the theme “Jubilee Jubilation”, a celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the visitors who came, everyone who generously donated funds to enable us to maintain the fabric of the Church for the village and the congregation who attended the concluding Festival Songs of Praise.
Thanks to your generous support £1,002 was raised this year, with Gift Aid raising this sum by a further £208.

WED 1st AUG: FILM CLUB at the VILLAGE HALL at 7.30pm :‘The BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL’ – “The feel-good film of the year!” “Hilarious and moving…a joy to watch.” Seven cash-strapped Brits travel to a retirement resort in India. Friendship and romance blossom as they touch each other’s hearts. Great cast headed by Judy Dench and Bill Nighy.

SUN 5th AUG: SUMMER LUNCH at the VILLAGE HALL 12.00 for 12.30pm. This is a reminder to all ticket holders.

WEDs 8th & 22nd AUG: MOBILE LIBRARY at OXHAYES 12.05 to 12.35pm. Time for a summer read now that summer has come (at time of writing!)

FRI 10th AUG: YOUTH CLUB BBQ on the Playing Field 6.30 to 8.00pm with Fun & Games

F L O O D S & F L O W E R S
– a message from the Horticultural Society
“Days without end, the black clouds have rained upon us, sunshine and warmth seemed but the distant memories from a freakish Spring. Although some summer heat has now arrived, it may be too late for many flowers and vegetables to look anything but sorry for themselves.
All this and you expect us to enter a FLOWER SHOW! Well, yes actually. After all, we are all in the same boat – well same puddle.

Some places have cancelled their shows, but NOT DRIMPTON! This year will be our 67th.

If your tomatoes are blighted so are others’, and you could always try some baking instead. Whether you are an old hand, or just fancy a go, there are lots of classes for all weathers and tastes: Flowers, Vegetables, Flower Arranging, Homecraft, Handicraft, Art, Photography, Young People’s and Group Classes too.
It’s your show - make it happen - and have some fun doing it.
DOORS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC from 2.15pm to 4.30pm

THURS 16th AUG: COFFEE MORNING from 10.30am to 12.00pm
At the home of Mary & Sam Trott, White Heather, Bridport Road
With Raffle, Bring & Buy, 100 Club Draw. Proceeds for St Mary’s Church.

SUN 26th AUGUST at 10.00am PRAISE & PICNIC in the TENT!
Usually held in the Chapel at Netherhay, our service for all ages has moved for August to the Marquee at the Village Hall playing fields. Bring a picnic to have after the service. We will provide tea, coffee and squash.
If the weather is nice, join in games on the field.

The Parish Questionnaire showed that 80% of local people were in favour of the continuation of the First Responders, BUT unless more volunteers step forwards NOW, IT WILL CLOSE. Only 3 active responders remain from the original 30. If you are thinking of volunteering, PLEASE attend this meeting. Unless there are at least 7 volunteers, the group will CLOSE. People who have donated funds over the years are also invited to attend so a consensus can be reached as to the future of the monies held.
More info from Val Johnson (867837) or Jacqui Sewell (867145)"

OATHILL ALLOTMENTS plus – message from Jill Strawbridge
“Here is a great opportunity for land lovers to work together on a new allotment site at Oathill. The site has spring water and will accommodate two 20metre polytunnels. You will have the chance to develop your own personal growing space and share skills with your fellow growers. And all within a very short distance of Drimpton!”………for more details, contact Jill

You may have noticed that the phone box by the bridge has been ‘rediscovered’ by local residents. All the surrounding vegetation has been hacked back, the box has been given a thorough clean, and the grass round it is being regularly cut. BT have been informed of the action taken. As a result an engineer has replaced the missing ‘TELEPHONE’ signs and Customer Services say it will be repainted ‘between the months of April and October’. Which year was not specified!

BROADBAND – message from Jacqui Sewell, District Councillor
“We are hoping to bring superfast broadband (at least 24 Mbps) to premises across Dorset by 2015. Faster broadband supports businesses to be more competitive and helps communities’ access services, information and learning opportunities and saves them money.
We need to attract an enthusiastic supplier this summer to make this project successful. One of the ways that we can do this is to show how much the people of Dorset want and need this service. You can help by filling in a survey on the Dorsetforyou website and getting all your friends and family to do the same. It won’t take long to fill in and your individual responses will remain private.”

SUN 5th & (all-new)TUES 14th: PUB QUIZZES at c8.00pm. Bring a team or join one on the night.
TUES 7th: FOLK NIGHT for Musicians & Audience from c8.00pm.
With all proceeds to be shared between DRIMPTON FC and the VILLAGE HALL.
Call Pub for more details.

Make a note in your diaries now.
Everyone will be there.
In this summer of national celebrations, come and celebrate our own small corner of Dorset

Submitted by: Heskie       On: 4/8/2012 at: 17:04       Location: Drimpton

Setting up for a wedding

That is the correct title - an alternative might have been "Carol told Mike not to buy another marquee, but would he listen?

I saw them setting up as I walked the dog, great to see the recreation ground being used for such happy events.

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Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/8/2012 at: 14:24       Location: Drimpton

Monthly rainfall

155.75 mm.(In 2011 50mm,) OR 6.2 inches.(2011 1.97mm)

Our Topsy Turvy Summer weather continues with short spells of very high temperatures to be followed by decidedly cool periods where the thermometer struggles to get above 16.C. Equally, the rainfall during the last month all fell in the first half with no rain (Apart from 3.mm.on the 30th.), falling from the 17th. But wouldn’t it be boring if it was always blue skies and very hot every day of the year !

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