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Submitted by: chubb       On: 26/7/2012 at: 22:41       Location: Drimpton

A trip to the olympics 2012

The school had tickets for the women's football opening game held in Cardiff on Wed 25/07/12. The chubbies from Drimpton travelled to Cardiff to watch the first event which was Team GB against New Zealand. The weather was very hot with temperatures of 27 degrees but this did not prevent a great day out. The atmosphere was great with thirty thousand people inside the stadium, pictures show us having a great time, shame we were only one of two families to make the trip. When the girls get older they will be able to tell their children they went to the olympics.

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Submitted by: chubb       On: 26/7/2012 at: 22:23       Location: Drimpton

The Olympics 2012 is coming

It ha sbeen 7 years in the waiting but the olympic games 2012 are finally here. The olympic torch has been touring the whole country and it passed through Bridport last week, Sharon and the girls left school early along with most of the school taking the chance to view the torch, pictures show the torch arriving in Bridport

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 8/7/2012 at: 09:05       Location: Drimpton

Flood Warning

Yesterday, Saturday 7th July, began with a red flood warning with Drimpton slap bang in the centre of the area under threat. In this horribly wet summer, after a couple of days when it had not rained, the rain had started mid-afternoon on Friday and had not stopped for a moment. As the morning progressed the torrent rushing under the village bridge was getting deeper and deeper. Residents living nearby became concerned. By the time the top of the bridge-arch couldn’t be seen any longer, the roadway from Drimpton Cross had become a river. Field and road drains couldn’t feed water into the stream any more and so emptied into the roads. Householders near the bridge, including me, were getting twitchy. Barricades and sandbags (or bags of compost) were piled up by doorways. Villagers came out to watch, mesmerised by the water’s force. Still the rain fell.
Passing vehicles were encouraged to go slowly to reduce the effect of backwash. Some still went through at speed sending waves into the yards behind Haydon Villa and at Bridge Farm. Such drivers were roundly cursed. Clapton and Winsham were inaccessible, so drivers were coming through the village looking for a passable route to places like Taunton and beyond.
Roy and Robert spent hours clearing and rodding drains. The water continued to rise, reaching the base of the coping stones at the top of downstream bridge-side walls; at that point I was almost sure that my home was going to be flooded. I went indoors and moved things upstairs. People offered to help or help bail out should it be necessary. I thanked them but felt like doing it myself – at least the moving part. Rosemary, in her bungalow, did not have this option as the water inched nearer on three sides.
And then, in early afternoon, even as the rain was still falling, people began to say that the water level had stopped rising. Hard to believe, but it was true. Water was streaming with less energy across Rosemary’s garden or into Haydon Villa’s yard. It was inching back from the farm.
We didn’t flood! The bridge, which had been built ten years ago after an earlier flooding event at the start of the new millennium, had done its job. The stream, named The Little Axe in 2005 by villagers, had stayed out of our homes.
However, with the weather still bad in this awful summer, the sandbags are not going to put too far away.

Submitted by: andrew       On: 4/7/2012 at: 16:55       Location: Drimpton

extracts from village newsletter for July

From Norman Marsden: ‘Christine Cresswell, a long standing member of St. Mary’s Church Drimpton and PCC secretary for many years, died peacefully at home on Wednesday 20th June after suffering from cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with Peter and the family.
The funeral service will be held at St.Mary’s Church on Monday 2nd July at 1.30 pm. All are welcome afterwards at Drimpton Village Hall for refreshments.'

OPEN GARDENS DAY, June 10th – message from Andrew Pastor
“After a week of awful weather, and on a cool, rainy day it was amazing that between 50 and 60 hardy people came along to view the 14 open gardens. Refreshments in the Hall and on the route encouraged everyone. Thank you to all the people involved for your hard work and enthusiastic effort. As a result over £400 has been handed over to the Village Hall to help with the refurbishments of the kitchen.”

Report from MEETING on PARISH PLAN & SHOP. Every household will receive a copy in mid July. As for the shop £30,000 needs to be raised by mid-August. To donate, to be a shareholder or know more, contact David Taylor, Treasurer, 2 Manor Cottages, Common Water Lane, DT8 3QR. As of 22/6/12 the fund stood at £8,340. If the total funding is in place by mid-August it is planned for the community shop to open in October.

Report on BBQ AT MANOR FARM, 23/6/12 -The Fun Day Committee has started Summer 2012 fund raising activities for local good causes with a BBQ at Mike & Carol’s. Despite the weather 50 villagers braved the elements to enjoy burgers, hot dogs and Mike’s special tandoori chicken. We raised £250. Thank you to all those who provided so much support.

Village Hall News – message from Mike Saunders “Disabled Access and Toilets are complete. Official thanks to the following local people who, through their voluntary work, made it possible to complete the work within our very limited budget: John Wright, Tony Francis, Steve Chubb, Pete Strawbridge, Ernie Phillips and Ken Banks. This voluntary work saved a staggering £7000. Changing rooms will be completed if/when I am successful in my bid for extra funds. We were caught out by a change in the VAT rules, which reduced our available budget by £1300. We are now working on raising funds for the kitchen refurbishment.”

“The Chapel Sunday Buffet Lunch on 17th June was a well attended and happy occasion. Many thanks to all who supported us! £235.00 has been added to Chapel Funds. Many thanks to all the cooks, washers up, and all who kindly helped make it a successful event.” – Beryl Banks

SAT 7th JULY – JAKEY ZEE, a one-man music machine from 9pm till late
SUN 8th JULY – PUB QUIZ from c8.00pm
TUES 3rd JULY – FOLK EVENING for musicians and audience from c9.00pm
NB: PUB closed on SAT 21st for private function: EURO 2012 matches being shown.
WED 11th JULY: LIGHT LUNCH at 12.30pm at the Village Hall
Selection of homemade soups for £3.50 served up in a warm atmosphere.

COMMUNITY COFFEE MORNING from 10.30am to 12.30pm
At the Village Hall.
Great company, real coffee and wonderful cakes.
This time with Bacon Butties, too! All this, plus Story Time for the children.

FRI 13th JULY – YOUTH CLUB from 6.30 to 8.00pm at the Village Hall.
Team Games outside (weather permitting!)
A new younger team now runs Youth Club Meetings: John Lock (Youth Leader), Sharon Chubb (Deputy Youth Leader) with Robert Fooks and Francis Medley

On SATURDAY 14th JULY at the Village Hall
Entrance by ticket only. £8 each - only 120 tickets available
from: Carol or Tracey
BUFFET SUPPER in the Marquee with Wine Bar
2 sittings of 60…. timing 7:30 – 8:30pm / 9:00 – 10.00pm
DANCE and Main Bar in the Hall 7.30 till late
Live Music from ‘Fat Marrow Blues Band’

The Fun Day Committee has given over £3000 to local good causes over the past 2 years.

Start from the Village Hall from 2.00pm
Follow the clues around the countryside collecting ‘treasure’ as you go
Finishing with a BBQ at 5.00pm or when you return!
£5 per car
First Prize & Children’s Prize
All Welcome – All Ages
Al proceeds for the Village Hall Kitchen Project

Theme, “Jubilee Jubilation” – Colours of the Queen’s outfits
10.00 am to 5.00 pm each day
Followed by: Festival Songs of Praise on Sunday at 6.30 pm
All Welcome
SAT 21st JULY 10.30am - FAMILY FILM CLUB – ‘RED DOG’ at the Village Hall - Heart warming and hilarious story of a lovable dog that roamed the outback of Australia and the people he met on the way

At the Royal Oak in the Bowling Alley
Public viewing from 7.30pm. Auction from c8.15pm
Will it be Ernie as the auctioneer?

WED 1st AUG: FILM CLUB at the VILLAGE HALL at 7.30pm
‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ – “The feel-good film of the year!” “Hilarious and moving…a joy to watch.” Seven cash-strapped Brits travel to a retirement resort in India. Friendship and romance blossom as they touch each other’s hearts.
Great cast headed by Judy Dench and Bill Nighy

Submitted by: stanleyG       On: 1/7/2012 at: 12:20       Location: General

Monthly rainfall

135.25mm.(2011 110.5mm.) or 5.37 inches (2011 4.35 Ins.)

We have had temperatures up to 29 degrees centigrade a little earlier, then the wettest April on record and just recently the Met. Office saying that June has been the second wettest June on record. Of course these are National statistics and we are fortunate that we haven’t had to experience the torrential downpours as in the Midlands and North.

Submitted by: chubb       On: 23/6/2012 at: 21:39       Location: Drimpton

Manor Farm Barbecue

Mike and Carol kindly welcomed the village to their home for a village barbecue, the weather was kind with no rain but a blustery day meant it was not the hottest of days, around 50 people enjoyed an afternoon with good food being served by Mike with the barbecue chicken his speciality, a raffle raised funds for the fun day and all profit also going to the fun day, on the 14th july the next village event is a live band with food in the village hall and then the big fun day on sept 1st with again the red arrows booked for a fly over.
Lets hope the weather is kinder

Submitted by: chubb       On: 17/6/2012 at: 20:22       Location: Drimpton

Noahs ark !!!

Well i went to see my neighbours today to sell some barbecue tickets for next weekend when i noticed in their lovely conservatory a boat in the progress of being made, i know we have had some terrible rain recently but building a boat is a bit worrying. If i see animals going two by two into their property i will let you all know.
Seriously though their son is making a boat ready for his brother who lives in Australia to come over and for them both to go out in.

Submitted by: andrew       On: 16/6/2012 at: 14:13       Location: Drimpton

Telephone Box part 2

Below are images of our village Telephone Box AFTER the clean up. It now stands free of all its vegetation and is a cleaner shade of red. Roy has said that next time he cuts the grass by the Little Axe he’ll go round the box and so keep the ground tidy. Inside the ivy, cobwebs and snails have all gone. BUT, of course, it is obvious that the box is in dire need of repair as well as a repaint.

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Submitted by: andrew       On: 15/6/2012 at: 10:21       Location: Drimpton

Telephone Box

On the day that BT announced it had bought the rights to 38 live football matches for £246m a year, Danny and I decided it was high time to reclaim the village telephone box. Why BT can't spend a bit of its money on the better maintenance of its telephone boxes is a question the company should be asked. The surrounding vegetation had grown up, over and around it with ivy having invaded inside it, too. Nettles, brambles and blackthorn were hacked away and barrowed away. Once revealed the box was scrubbed inside and out and the windows were cleaned. It is now revealed as a box in need of repair and repainting. Glazing is lose. Two 'telephone' name panels have fallen out. Woodwork has rotted in parts. But the phone still works! Just as well, because in most parts of the village a mobile phone signal is non-existent and we often see tradesmen and delivery drivers using it as their only way of getting in touch with their offices. Will the box get a new coat of paint? Time will tell.

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Submitted by: Barbarella       On: 14/6/2012 at: 19:35       Location: Drimpton

Open Gardens 2012

Honeysuckle Cottage: Garden making use of vertical space - climbers through trees, shrubs and pergolas.
Pictures taken a week before Open Gardens when it wasn't raining.
Showing lilac scabious, vivid foliage, lovely climbing roses and clematis.
In the event visited by very brave garden enthusiasts in the wet and windy weather.

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